Oakley ski goggles collection winter 2013/2014

Oakley ski goggles collection winter 2013/2014

Oakley was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. As the sponsor for the U.S Olympic team they continue this tradition. However, the Oakley Eyewear is perfect for anyone interested in sports and outdoor life. For the new winter season 2013/2014 Oakley has presented some really cool new ski goggles, some of them in collaboration with a few of the strongest athletes out there.

The Oakley O2XL OO 7045 has got a large lense and a streamlined frame geometry to expand the peripheral view in every direction. The all-day comfort is guaranteed thanks to the moisture-wicking triple-layer polarfleece foam. For the younger ones the Oakley O2XS is perfect. This style comes in a range of colours but the coolest one is definately the one with the wooden texture.

The Oakley OO 7043 L-frame has been especially made for those who use eyeglasses underneath the goggles. They are smaller than the usual styles thought for prescription eyewear, to prevent the “insect look”. The Persimmon lense enhances the contrast in order to understand the depth better in case of bad light or clouds. The ventilated lense in Lexan prevents fogging.

In the creation of the Oakley Canopy OO 7047 the surface of the lense was amplified and the frame got a lowered profile. This way you will be able to see everything in the slopes. It is also compatible with almost all helmets and eyeglasses. The Oakley Canopy comes as Signature Series from Danny Kass, Torstein Horgmo and Tanner Hall.

The Oakley OO 7005 Crowbar is probably the most famous goggle from Oakley. It is the first goggle from Oakley that comes with a special support system to stabilize e distribute equally the pressure of the frame in order to assure an all-day comfort. The registered innovations from High Definition Optics assure maximum clearity from every angle.
This style comes in a polarized version as well as in the Signature Series from Tanner Hall, Seth Morrison and JP Auclar.

Check out the new ski goggles collection from Oakley now to be ready for the slopes.

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