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Neon sunglasses 2014: Protection, Quality, Style

Neon sunglasses 2014: Protection, Quality, Style

Neon is a young brand with the mission to radically innovate the winter-sports production and market. Founded in 2010, concieved as an entirely Made in Italy production by a group of passionate young professionals, the brand has been built upon the skills acquired by them in terms of know-how and know-what related to the production of ski googles, helmets and sunglasses.

They understood that the market was saturated by new products but nevertheless they clearly noticed the gap between what they would really want for customers and what the market has to offer.

To fill this gap they have created a highly innovative set of products that are the direct expression of their performance oriented philosophy, combined with a strong and unique style.

They believe in quality and in the difference it makes for people.

The brand presents different types of lenses in order to be performing in every weather condition:

Phototronic lens changes its features of color tint depending on the amount of ultraviolet rays that are cast upon the lens. When more light is encountered the lens becomes darker (CAT 3), conversely, when less light is shining the lens becomes lighter in color (CAT 1). Phototronic lenses efficiently adapt to different weather and light conditions always providing great performances and a clearer vision - 100% UV protection.

Polartronic Plus is a type of lens characterized by Polarized Treatment (as Polartronic lens) plus Mirror Treatment to get the best of visibility destroying all reflections and glares - 100% UV protection.

Mirrortronic lens has a mirror coating to get the best of UV Protection - various colored lens options for every need - 100% UV protection.

Moreover, the passion of the brand is highlighted by some outstanding collaborations with famous motorcycle riders such as Aleix Espargarò, Mattia Pasini and Simone Corsi.

All sunglasses are characterized by strong and fluo colors, which makes them very glamour.  Then, they all have lightweight and durable frame, great geometry for peripherical vision and protection, shockproof  and antiscratch lenses.

Last but not least, the excellent quality-price ratio makes Neon very popular among the youngs who want great performance and style at a competitive price.

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