Summer sunglasses? Choose them green!

Summer sunglasses? Choose them green!

Are you keen on green? The answer cannot be negative on such an impressivly bright colour. A recent research has shown that it is the favourite colour of one out of six interviewed persons. Of course there are people who do not like it at all or who consider it a sign of bad luck. Still it is the colour of nature, born from the mixture of blue and yellow. Symbol of vitality, hope and relaxation.

In the past its positive or negative effects were not clear at all: in some cases it would evoke fertility, fecundity, youth, renewal, harmony, friendship, well-being, faith and confidence, in others it would symbolize envy, parsimony, gelousy.

But lately it has come back into fashion, as its different tones and shades (such as lime, olive green, emerald green, fluorescent green, mint, pine green, musk green, just to mention a few of the numerous versions it can be seen in) make it the perfect colour for any occasion, giving to the wearer a new style.

Colour is actually not only a fashion statement or a sensation but also a thought and belief. It is a complex system of perceptions and opinions, a lot more than what one thinks and sees.

Green evokes self-confidence and determination to who chooses it, underlining one’s personal style.

And of course the field of eyewear cannot make the exception. Glasses are nowadays an important accessory, either for a casual or elegant look.

For a posh and chic woman we cannot but suggest the model Céline THIN PREPPY CL 41049/S. With its round shape it will give you a retrò and romantic touch.

If its is eyeglasses you are after, Tom Ford proposes the model Tom Ford FT 5291, a cat-eye frame painted with a wonderful green nuance on the front that makes it extremely feminine.

If you love to dare and not go unnoticed you cannot miss the I-SPORT II 0117 by Italia Independent. The classic aviator shape runs into a camo-green colouring that will catch anyone’s attention. Of course the green mirrored lenses are a must on this colour combination.

The world of sports loves green as well. Both Oakley and Adidas have presented two of their must-haves in green: the Oakley GARAGE ROCK OO 9175 WALLY LOPEZ SIGNATURE SERIES and the model Adidas KUMACROSS A415 in a version dedicated to the FIFA 2014 games.

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