A wander in elegance with the Balenciaga 2014 spring/summer collection

A wander in elegance with the Balenciaga 2014 spring/summer collection

Some people wear history, while some others try to do it. But there’s someone who makes history through fashion, leaving his name in the future generation’s mind. That is what Christobal Balenciaga did and that is why we’re about to proudly introduce the 2014 spring/summer Balenciaga collection.

The young designer was extremely popular in aristocracy since the beginning of the Twentieth Century and his creations were loved by fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Gloria Guinness and Pauline de Rothschild. His success was due to his unique style, which combined Spanish Renaissance’s richness with sophisticated parisienne elegance.

In fact, after living his youthness in Spain where he began to improve his taste in fashion working with his seamstress mother, the Spanish Civil War forced the young stylist to move to Paris and in this city Cristobal Balenciaga finally became extremely popular.

His creation’s look was considered revolutionary at the time, as Balenciaga’s aim was to manipulate the relationship between clothes and women's bodies. Lots of women throughout Europe actually began to wear his tunic dresses and chemise dresses during World War II.

A lot of fashion icons worked for Balenciaga, such as Hubert de Givenchy and Oscar de la Renta, and that is why the maison’s look represents still today the essence of elegance.

The 2014 spring/summer sunglasses collection combines great quality materials, luxury and wearability, which are the maison’s keywords in fashion.

The Balenciaga BA 0013 comes with cat-eye metal frame and dark grey lenses, that made this model futuristic and harmonious at the same time.

The Balenciaga BA 0004 has golden temples and the brand logo is visible and big. The round metal frame wraps around the wearer’s face, so that eyes are protected and style is guaranteed.

Let’s move to the eyewear collection with the Balenciaga BA 5001. This model has an irresistible appeal and colours are extremely well combined, the logo is sober and framed with two golden screws. These eyeglasses are a must for those who want a feminine accessory without giving up a great character. The same model is also available in havana, black and rose.

Let’s finish this wander in elegance with the Balenciaga BA 5009. This model is oversized and a bit masculine, but perfect to enhance the wearer’s femininity. It comes with golden details and the temples twist in the middle, changing colour and giving fluency to the whole model.

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