Cazal Eyewear - A myth that gives inspiration!

Cazal Eyewear - A myth that gives inspiration!

"A designer eyewear line that pleases everybody is unlikely to inspire.
Good design must be thought-provoking."

These are the words of legendary eyewear designer Cari Zalloni who created the Cazal Eyewear brand in 1975. Cazal stands infact for CAri ZALloni. The real breakthrough came with the Eighties Hip-Hop scene where the extravagant Cazal sunglasses were adored by some of Hip-Hop’s most famous artists such as Run DMC and Rick Ross, the later even tattooed the brands logo on his face (!). Other Cazal lovers are Madonna, Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt, Usher and Jay Z.

Zalloni believed that those who wear his signature eyewear seek originality and define themselves by their frame of mind and high standards. This results in an unisex collection that both complement and enhance the individual’s personal aura.

The most famous style of the brand is the Cazal Vintage 607 that saw the light in 1982. The first fans called them Cazzy but now the are known as Run DMC glasses. It made massive acetate frames the style and status symbol of rappers and break-dancers. The bold design and extravagant shapes are uncompromising in their look and speak a language that is foreign to design-doubters. Insiders, on the other hand, understand the high-quality “made in Germany” eyewear as a statement of individuality and luxury.


The Cazal Vintage 656 was born thanks to the creative interplay by Cazal and one of its biggest fans, Dameion “Rhythm Child” Williams. This New York dancer, model and artist created these sunglasses inspired by the Cazal 642 from 1990. The outcome is an aviator inspired frame that looks like two pairs of frames were put together. Gold plated metal details complete the look.


What makes the Cazal Vintage 866 stand out is its unusual material rhythm. The contrasts in materials makes this model speak an own design language. Don’t get scared by the striking colours, they go very well with most wearers face while the decorative part on the bridge bring this style together.
When these sunglasses were designed it was not hard to predict that they would one day become a sought-after Vintage model, and to this day they are still a design icon.



Cari Zalloni unfortunately passed away in 2012 but his legacy continues to live through his brand. You will find the complete collection on Otticanet!

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