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Victoria Beckham Sunglasses: Beckham’s Empire Rising!

Victoria Beckham Sunglasses: Beckham’s Empire Rising!

“In the work of the greatest geniuses, humble beginnings will reveal themselves somewhere” said Charlie Chaplin once, but… can we agree with him? Sorry Charlie, time goes fast and in our “Modern Times” fashion icons are proof of the contrary.

Who are we talking about? Well, the Beckhams, of course!
David, the London boy becoming the bending free-kicks ace of English football and Victoria, the posh girl who became a celeb singing with Spice Girls.

Let’s start saying that if David Beckham’s skills appeared obvious all along, Posh Spice revealed herself gradually, bringing out the best in her after leaving her music career and consecrating herself to the family’s brand.

Yes, because this steel couple’s greatest achievement has been that of advertising Beckham’s name in building an empire on their fashion-star attitude and their outstanding elegance.

Wearing top brands and letting the world to follow their awesome taste and style wasn’t enough for them. Why eating only a slice of cake when you can get it all?

Modeling, public appearances, promoting luxury brands and even producing their own fashion items such as perfumes and eyewear… Oh, yes! The most glamourous accessorizes become part of their style reign and they are not afraid of showing them to the world!

Let’s see how Victoria Beckham sunglasses make them look fabulous!


Isn’t Victoria glowing in her Classic Victoria XS Copper Gold VBS106 sunglasses? Aviator shape reaches the highest radiating power in this elegant copper gold frame underlined by the mirrored lenses.




Vicious and seducing, it is impossible not to be seen by wearing Classic Victoria Dune VBS90 with black essential frame and eye-catching rainbow lenses.



The word Classic acquires a new meaning through the Classic Victoria Blue Green VBS90 model: so basic, so dark. Grey lenses on this matte black frame make them just so…. posh!



The model The VB Amber Tortoiseshell VBS94 shows the perfect balance between strength, refinement and pragmatism. The golden detail engraved with the name of the brand on the side of the arm gives to David that touch of shining power we love to admire on him.


The glorious rising of Victoria and David took no prisoners and with all the shining bright glamour lavished by them, here at Otticanet we all forgot what came before.

Nothing humble here around! We are simply blinded by Victoria Beckham outstanding sunglasses collection!

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