NEW IN: Etnia Barcelona Eyewear

NEW IN: Etnia Barcelona Eyewear

We’re proud to introduce you to the newest member of Otticanet’s big family: welcome to Etnia Barcelona!

A vibrant and supercool collection that finds in the art and in the mediterranean culture its first source of inspiration.


The brand offers three main collections, let’s have a look!


Originals collection represents the essence of Etnia Barcelona. Bright and colourful frames that allow you to express your creative side, always keeping a touch of elegance.

Like the Ferlandina Sun, chosen by Cate Blanchette in a super sophisticated colour.





The Vintage collection, instead, is the perfect choice for the classic-style lovers!

Inspired to the shapes and materials of the 70s, it adds a touch of colour on the temple tips and comes with exceptional Barberini crystal lenses.

Even the Hollywood star Brad Pitt couldn’t resist to the charm of model Soder Sun!




Last but not least, Capsule: the most exclusive collection of Etnia Barcelona, resulting from the collaboration between artists and photographers that brought to the creation of high quality frames.




Thanks to the work photographer Steve McCurry, Etnia Barcelona has made the collection Wild Love Africa WL AFRICA. Materials of natural origin, warm colours and animalier prints are the distinctive signs of these frames.


The Basquiat collection, bears the rebellious and transgressive spirit of the artist it is dedicated to. Each frame is presented with the iconic golden crown engraved that adds flair to its style.

When talking about style...who is better than Jay-Z wearing BASQUIAT 01 on New York streets?





Choose to be Anartist, discover Etnia Barcelona on Otticanet!

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