Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow: choose your goggles!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow: choose your goggles!

When the snow comes, it's time to ski ... and to choose the goggles that will be with us on the slopes!

How can we choose the right goggles?

There are goggles with specific features that guarantee a perfect vision in all weather conditions!



In case of foggy weather, if it is snowing or if you are into night skiing, it’s better to go for transparent or yellow lenses, that enhance contrast and offer a an optimal view also with little light.

Goggles from Salice SALICE FISHBOWL XS OTG, that can be used with eyeglasses as well (OTG over the glasses), carry the rw clear mirror lens that is the best choice when sunlight is weak or in case of bad weather.


In medium light conditions, in a particularly cloudy weather or with variable light, for example if you are skiing and going from shade to full sun areas, it’s better to choose light blue or orange lenses. These lenses actually provide high-quality vision in different weather conditions.

Try the Oakley AIRBRAKE XL OO 7071 goggles prizm snow jade iridium lenses.

These amazing lenses offer a perfect adaptation to all weather conditions and the width of the goggles provides an excellent view.  Moreover these goggles can be used with most of eyeglasses styles.




For skiing at high altitude or on the glaciers, where sunlight is very strong and the eyes must be protected, the suggestion is to choose dark mirrored lenses.
These ones minimize light reflections and protect the eyes against the UVA and UVB sunbeams, that are more aggressive at high altitude.

A really good choice is the new FALL LINE OO 7085 goggle with prizm snow black iridium lens, dark and mirrored, perfect to enjoy outdoor mountain activities and keep your eyes safe!


The brown lenses, maybe with a light mirrored effect, are suggested in case of variable weather conditions, therefore with turnover of sun and cloudy weather.

The Salice 619 goggles with tech amber mirror photochromic polarflex cat. s3-s4 lens provide perfect adaptation when the light changes often and the sky is overcast.

All the lenses of the brand Salice have antifog coating  and offer UV400 protection, which means they block the UV radiations up to 400nm.


Choose your goggles on Otticanet and… let it snow!

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