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Otticanet Sunglasses: Let’s think out of the box!


Otticanet Sunglasses: Let’s think out of the box!

They’re asking us to smile. They’re asking us to always do it, because it gives to anyone the impression of knowing us. They’re asking us to walk all aligned, one by one. No running towards allowed and no free-falling permitted.

They’re asking us to whisper softly our ideas, because someone could hear them, agree with them, steal them, despise them, destroy them or simply understand that a new point of view is possible.

They have already decided everything: how we should speak, how we should dress, where we should live, who we should like. We look around us and it seems that all the guidelines have already been drawn by someone else.

Modern society loves to choose our place, to define it and to define us! But what if we suddenly decide to follow a different path?

What if one day you’ll wake up and realize that you’d like to fight against all the odds, to climb a mountain and look at everyone from the top, not just to break some rules but to find a new game to play?

That’s the real question then: Why have I to do it this way?

Before starting your new journey you should remember that they may not forgive you. They’ll ask you to explain yourself again and again. If you don’t look like them they’ll ask you to look yourself at the mirror. If they don’t understand what you’re saying, then they’ll tell you you’re lying.

Are you ready to get through all of that? Are you ready to follow your truth rising above everyone’s prejudices?

Here at Otticanet we like to think nothing is impossible.

Fashion has always been part of this silent Revolution coming from the inside and we are here today to celebrate the sunglasses you must know about if you like thinking out of the box!

You should have moved to another planet not to know about Lady Gaga’s Show at the last Superbowl and yet if you had watched at it you may had the feeling of an alien’s party on the screen. Why? Well, the real question is Why Not?

She is the Queen of freaks, the shocking Lady, the Herald of weirdness and her songs are the Hymn of outsiders all around the world. If you are looking for someone standing out of the crowd without fear, she is the one. This goes over fashion and appearance, it is a way to be… or like she would say, she was born this way!

That’s why she can wear an iconic model like Oliver Goldsmith y-not 1966 and turn it into a bold fashion statement.






You can say what you want, but I say she’s brave! She’s the daughter of the singer Bill Hudson and the actress Goldie Hawn, we could say that she’s born on the stage and for sure she had to learn how to manage a life always in the spotlight. It must be hard to find yourself under this kind of pressure, but Kate Hudson has been wonderfully good at it.

You may agree with me when you will look this woman wearing her Fendi eyeshine ff 0177/s sunglasses in a bright silver tint, without even care of the attention that she could have focused on herself and, maybe on the pimple on her chin too. Spontaneously elegant and yet she’s one of us!







J Lo knows how to distinguish herself! She never cared too much about what people or magazines said. That’s most probably the secret that made her stays always on top. You really can’t avoid to notice someone wearing Chloé carlina ce114s with such a shining grace. The lightweight frame perfectly match her golden skin and the hue of her hair.








Classy and very appreciated in the jet-set, Mykita made of its clean and no-fuss style an ultimate banner of uniqueness. Is it possible to be plain, round and refined at the same time? Of course it is, especially if you are Mykita maison margiela mmesse002. Nothing is impossible then. Orlando Bloom chase them to underline his own everyday elegance. The essential golden lines lead to the perfectly round mirrored lenses. A sparkling model to wear on!







Estimators of freedom we are waiting for you on Otticanet. We are confident you will find the right model to stand out!

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