The rebirth of the Prada Teddy sunglasses

The rebirth of the Prada Teddy sunglasses

“ Let me tell you a story about this man, after wandering through the dunes of the desert, he decides to sit, alone, surrounded by nature, enjoying the company of his past and memories”.

With the Teddy model, realized for the 2017 Spring Summer collection, Prada pays attention to that type of man; during 2012, this style already found its perfect place on the international fashion scene and now it's back again with a minimal but elegant style.

Originally designed only for the world of golf, it now comes back with lots of glamour, perfect for people who wants to stand out from the crowd with a touch of style, never forgetting their simplicity.



We are looking at a pair of glasses created only for him, a man who is already surrounded by style, who takes care of every single detail, starting with his personality through his pose, to the essential importance of his glasses.

From the perfect combination of elegance and simplicity, the Prada Teddy PR 58OS model is created with a pilot form, a light metal frame and a single bridge in the middle; the focus is now pointed on the lenses (4 different shades of color!) and a casual style.





This model best describes the nature of the Italian maison, a specialist in terms of practicity, combined with a more introspective part.

Looking at the actor Jude Law, Teddy's testimonial, we really understand the reason why these glasses represent a style unique of its kind; sophisticated and simple, a perfect match for those who wants a detail that does not "scream" but, on the contrary, talk about real life without too much ostentation.

It seems like Prada desires to come back to their origins with this glasses, a “return to sobriety”, with a nod to the fashion world; a look that wants to stay apart from the confusion of the modern society, close to the most simple things of life.

Perfect for the most casual occasions or to hang out with friends, Prada offers a great example of "less is more," where essential becomes a dominant trait, no longer a simple maxim but a true “modus vivendi”, to be exported to everyday life.

And you, do you feel ready to shine only thanks to your uniqueness?

 Teddy will be the most glam detail of your summer!

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