Happy 30th Birthday Oliver Peoples!

Happy 30th Birthday Oliver Peoples!

Once upon a time Oliver Peoples was born.... The story of one of the most exclusive eyewear brands does sound like a fairy tale. But it is more than that…

It all started in 1987 when Larry Leight, his brother, Dennis, sister, Doré, and friend Kenny Schwartz launched Oliver Peoples with a distinctive collection of vintage frames scored at an estate sale in Connecticut. Of course they went sold out at no time!

The brand was an instant hit, appearing on famous noses, magazines, commercials, movies: Brad Pitt wore them in “Fight Club”, Bruce Willis in “The Jackal” and recently spotted on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival!

What makes OP stand out from all its competitors is the retro aesthetics yes, but also that Californian allure the frames detain. Plus they draw inspiration from everywhere: from colors in nature to characters in a photo, from the surrounding landscape to the world of high fashion.

It is Oliver Peoples’ 30th birthday and the new advertising campaign is just breathtaking.

The theme “Desert Stories” is about four friends who discover an abandoned dine in the desert, depicting their Californian tendency to follow their curiosities, cherishing their past but still wanting to create new unforgettable moments in new incredible places.

Starring, the all-time classic MP family, first launched in 1987 and most to define the Oliver Peoples heritage: Oliver Peoples MP-2 OV 1104 to mention one




and Oliver Peoples Rockmore OV 1218S, an oversize revisited pilot perfect for him and her.

Or the two models concieved for the anniversary: Oliver Peoples M-4 30TH OV 1220S




and Oliver Peoples MP-3 30TH OV 1219S.

Well, take out that Californian attitude! Follow your dreams, follow your heart and be Oliver Peoples yourself! Exclusively now on Otticanet!

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