Valentino Eyewear: Beauty lives in the Diversity

Valentino Eyewear: Beauty lives in the Diversity

What’s the most ordinary thing that could ever happen to you while you’re walking down your way?

Well the sun might shine high, you might pound the street in your wrinkly clothes… and someone might persuade you to wear Valentino glasses, modeling for the new campaign of the brand.

And no, they won’t size your waist. Nope, they won’t look at the profile of your cheekbones or at the smoothness of your skin.

Yes! You’re ready for modeling just the way you are!

Pierpaolo Piccioli, Art Director of Valentino Maison, expresses his philosophy through the sensitive touch of photographer Terry Richardson. Men and women caught in their most authentic moments, walking around their city: all different from each other, all beautiful in their own personal and unique way.

“I don’t like the intolerance, giving people boxes to stay in. I like the freedom of being whoever you are.” says Pierpaolo, who is showing himself worthy of Valentino Garavani’s creative legacy: a long path sinking its roots in Italian Renaissance, so that each model can be conceived as a piece of Art with the power of channelling beauty to the modern ages, merging it with the new trends and contextualizing it in our contemporary world.

That’s how Valentino dual soul was born!

Old and new, vintage and modern coexisting in this impressive Eyewear collection, from the classic taste of models like the minimal metal aviator VALENTINO VA 2004B




to the rocking vibes of pieces like the VALENTINO VA 2010B, retrò yet stylish with two circles of austrian crystals (one for each lens) cut in the characteristic Valentino rockstud shape.






Otticanet shows you the future then through the eyes of the protagonists of this unconventional Valentino campaign, starring the linear transparencies of model VALENTINO VA 4008





You might have recognized Lyn Slater in the video, the teacher become model and influencer at the age of 63 and deeply aimed as one of the faces of this campaign by Piccioli, because she embodies the true spirit of the collection: a beauty in precarious equilibrium between the past and the future, taking its strength from imperfections... that kind of diversity that, here at Otticanet we know, really belongs to ordinary people only!

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