The best women's sunglasses for next season

The best women's sunglasses for next season

Are you in the north or south hemisphere? Well, it really does not matter!

Sunglasses will protect you from harmful sun rays yes but they will do so all year long, whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring. As for style, it is an opinion, while fit is a fact!

What really matters is to have the right sunnies on your face. And if you have still not chosen the ones for you, this is what we are here for! To show you the best sunglasses for her. Either you are looking for your perfect frame, or the one that will flatter your friend, mother, sister… any female figure in your life!


So here come the bestsellers, each with its own story:

  1. Céline CL 41026/S SHADOW is the season's must-have! A one of a kind, diva-style, bold flat-top frame made unique for its front fading towards a lighter colour bottom.

  2. The Ray-Ban Erika RB 4171 has become a Ray-Ban evergreen! Flattering lightweight frame available in different colour proposals and perfect for any occasion.

  3. Fendi Can Eye FF 0259/S! It is not a question but a certainty! The french Versailles extravagance continues pervading the frames giving life to this extraordinary, eye-catching, geometric frame!

  4. Saint Laurent SL 1 is Saint Laurent's iconic model made unique for its thin soul. Statement glasses are usually bold and heavy, well not in this case. You can keep it on all day long!

  5. Versace MEDUSA MADNESS VE 2180. It is a hide n' seek onesie frame, perfect for any extravagant lady out there.

  6. Dior So Real Pop is So Real's younger brother, appreciated for being lightweight and for its cocktail lenses but still maintaining all those characteristics of its predecessor!

  7. Half metal, half acetate is a material combination we all like. What makes of the PRADA CINÉMA EVOLUTION SPR 53SS a special one is the eye-catching metal soul that holds up the front. Functional and at the same time aesthetic!

  8. What the Chloé Carlina CE 114/S expresses is a sense of freedom, a tendency to the hippy style. No need of distinctive element on the glasses. Because for Chloè the real logo is HER.

  9. Spotted on many female celebs, the Givenchy GV 7002/S is one of the most classic frames of this season's top-sellers, made unique for its tiny details on the temple tips and the thin golden decoration between the front and the arms.

  10. Ultra-feminine Oliver Peoples THE ROW PARQUET OV 5344SU, redefined in a modern way with deep acetates and vivid coloured lenses that reflect a sense of timeless elegance.


Not satisfied with the first 10 positions? Go further and discover what comes next!

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