Golden Globes 2018: the perfect eyewear for each winner

Golden Globes 2018: the perfect eyewear for each winner

A total black look to protest against sexual harassment and discrimination walked the red carpet this year. The celebs participated at the Golden Globes 2018 with one mission: to raise their voice yes but in an elegant and sophisticated way. All standing at the same level, in fact this year nobody could stand out from the rest by wearing shocking dresses or colours.

So be inspired by the winners, nominees and all the stars who contributed to an incredible event that took place and will be never forgotten.

Elizabeth Moss won best actress for The Handmaid’s Tale TV series. We have been used to seeing her go for the retro style while for the Globes she looked absolutely stunning in a dress that was chic and that had a beautiful ornate color that seemed to shimmer. What could we see her in? Well, as stated before she does love the vintage look so this would have been perfect: Vogue VO 5211S BY GIGI HADID.

The eternal boy, James Franco, best actor in The Disaster Artist, for his youthful, fashionable but always elegant style would have been perfect in a Gucci GG0008S.  Indeed he has been the face of Gucci in the past and frequently seen with the wayfarer shape, his favourite!

Ewan McGregor was credited best actor in Fargo miniseries. We have seen him in so many different roles and will just give him what we has been spotted with: an evergreen, all-time classic and small-fit Oliver Peoples GREGORY PECK SUN OV 5217/S.

She stole the scenes, yes. Frances McDormand won for her leading role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and we could not but see her in a bold, unisex Moscot LEMTOSH, easily transformed in sunglasses with its fantastic metal clipTOSH.

And then her, for her most romantic and candid beauty, winner actress for Big Little Lies series: Nicole Kidman. Her always elegant and petite silhouette would be perfect with a diva frame thought for thin, long faces: DIOR STELLAIRE 1.

Curtains down for the Golden Globes 2018 but hands up for style. Draw inspiration from those who wear it better!

We have them all on Otticanet!

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