Fendi's double F stands for Fashion Forward eyewear!

Fendi's double F stands for Fashion Forward eyewear!

It is time for new collections and one of the first reaching our shelves is Fendi, one brand that we have always loved for its daring, still versatile motifs that rule the scenes of fashion!

Women are not afraid to show their masculine attitude and men dare to wear even those things that they would have never considered in the past.

For her, Fendi’s romanticism is all concentrated on the Ribbons and Pearls family, featuring Swarovski pearls on the frames and positioned according to the profile thought for each shape.


RIBBONS AND PEARLS FF 0296/S for an aggressive, sporty-chic disguise, drawing inspiration by one of Fendi’s best-sellers, the Blink or the more jewel-like, metal RIBBONS AND PEARLS FF 0295/S and its eyeglasses version in acetate RIBBONS AND PEARLS FF 0298.

Eyeline is by nature a female secret… well not anymore! It is a man-thing as well from now onwards with the Eyeline family, one of great success in the past and reproposed for the upcoming season, characterised for its minimal, graphic, lightweight nature. The surface is flat and the fit extremely comfortable: EYELINE FF 0313/F/S and EYELINE FF 0291/S for a “sharp” super modern appeal. Already a must-have among celebs.




For a 24-hour Eyeline, lightweight fit the round EYELINE FF M0023 and more classic, rectangular EYELINE FF M0024 are what a man needs!

A meticulous play on business style and sportswear, with that ironic twist are the main themes that have inspired the EVERYDAY FENDI FF M0025/S! The design is unique made even more one-of-a-kind for the colour proposals it comes… A modern, carefree aesthetics that will bright up the grey, metropolitan winter skies and will anticipate the upcoming hot summer!



Oh yes! We are Fendi Fashion Forward! Men and women, altogether here we go!

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