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Fitness is having ITS moment in eyewear-fashion: Athleisure!!!

Fitness is having ITS moment in eyewear-fashion: Athleisure!!!

Whether or not you're a gym addict, you'll likely be dressing like one soon enough.

The athleisure trend (term referring to casual clothing designed for both exercising and general, everyday use) is here to stay, and luxury brands are jumping on the bandwagon with creations that highlight technical innovation and active lifestyle.

It is a trend that takes us back to the 90s. Indeed that was a revolutionary decade for fashion… denim overalls, side-line trousers better if velvet, crop tops, bike shorts, high-waisted pants, tiny backpacks, huge logos on t-shirts and sweaters: do you remember the Spice Girls, the All Saints, East 17, Beverly Hills 90210 to mention a few? Sport street style is a fun and imaginative trend to indulge in and if you particularly love looking casual yet chic, this trend is definitely for you!

To start with, Fendi gives a fresh and innovative tone to its fall/winter mood. Here the sporty clothes are perfect with the metal sunglasses and eyeglasses


Fendi - CUT EYE FF 0342/S

while for its men collection it combines fancy clothes to sporty sunglasses

Fendi - FABULOUS FF M0039/G/S


Carrera on the other hand has always been sporty and its spirit is definitely immortalised in the advertising campaign: an elegantly dressed woman wearing an oversize shield, Carrera EPICA

Carrera EPICA


Bella Hadid appeared extremely chic at the fashion shows in an elegant red-passion dress and the Nike Taliwind sunglasses, available in different versions and fits.

Nike Taliwind

One of the season’s best-sellers among cyclists but as we can see, not only them but also the most fashion addicted, is the FLIGHT JACKET OO 9401  by Oakley. Dua Lipa was spotted beautifully wearing them



while Rita Ora went for Oakley as well and made her appearance combining her jewel dress with the RADAR EV PATH OO 9208




As a matter of fact Oakley has partnered with different known designers lately, so that means we’re going to see these sportswear sunglasses pretty much everywhere.

Athleisure sunnies are beautiful and they go with every kind of outfit. Go for them! Go sporty-chic!

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