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Metal VS plastic-frame eyeglasses

Metal VS plastic-frame eyeglasses

Once the shape is not an issue anymore (if you still have any doubt check our previous blog here), one other aspect you may take into consideration is the material. Basically you can go for either plastic or metal frames.

There is no real outright winner between the two; it is mostly a personal lifestyle and style choice. Both do the job well and both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s try to look at these two, to help you make that final decision.

Plastic frames are better if you are looking for a fashion statement at an affordable price. They can be big, bold and a lot of fun. Of course, there are different types of plastics. Acetate is among the most popular at the moment, as it is hypoallergenic - if you have any intolerance whatsoever to metal - and comes in a vast variety of colours and shapes metal could never assume. Cellulose acetate also has the widest range for transparency, rich colors, and finishes. In a nutshell acetate is resistant, lightweight and flexible. This last aspect though may at the same time be a disadvantage: one can model it on one’s face according to one’s facial features but this may sometimes make the frames look uneven, especially if exposed to heat or due to weather conditions. No worries, flexibility will bring your glasses back to normal by heating and modelling them back on you.


Harrison Ford - Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck OV 5186


Ray-Ban Round RX 2180V

Metal frames on the other hand are the classics! First material to have ever been used, metal glasses are minimal, sophisticated and extremely durable. In addition metal glasses come with detached nose-pads so that they can easily be adjusted on one’s nose (love it or hate it). Lightness is one other aspect to take into consideration. New metals are not what they used to be in the past. They are light and comfortable and nowadays they come in different colours as well. Last but not least, metal frames are discrete, they are there to enhance your already strong personality and not to hide it! Among the different metals, the most popular is titanium: resilient, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and weighs in at 40% lighter than other metals. Or on the other hand, stainless steel frames: lightweight, corrosion resistant and budget-friendly.


Silhouette Dynamics Colorwave Fullrim 5508


Gucci GG 0254O

Are you one of those people that chooses option 3 when there are only two options? Then you can try a combination of metal and acetate, already in vogue in the 60s (does the name clubmaster ring any bell?), incredibly stylish and modern, also coming in different shapes!


Matt Damon - Ray-Ban Clubmaster RX 5154

or the feminine.


Etnia Barcelona Brescia

You can also go for a more noble option such as horn:


Tom Ford Tom N.2 FT 5438-P

Anything you choose, just always make sure your glasses reflect your personality!


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