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Style has no age! Go for it babes

Style has no age! Go for it babes

Did you know that young eyes are more susceptible to sun damage-because they have larger pupils and clearer lenses? In addition, children and teenagers might need a reminder or a helping hand as they are more tolerant to light and they will stay exposed to the sun longer than us adults, without even knowing it. Indeed, half of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation occurs by age 18.

Time to not only put sun-cream on kids, but also educate them to love sunglasses as well as they give them high protection. And then of course, let’s admit it… children need style as well!


So here follows a list of some of the best protective and stylish glasses on the market. You have nothing to worry about. Plus, they are the perfect gift under the tree!


Ray-Ban has since ever dedicated a whole brand to the younger and teens. Ray-Ban Junior proposes all those most fashionable and iconic frames that any adult has or has had in the past. “No matter what kids have borrowed from their parents’ closet, their glasses should always be their own”.


Ray-Ban Junior AVIATOR JUNIOR RJ 9506S 




Chloè, luxury brand for self-confident and strong women, wants to pass the message on its future ladies as well. A strong spirit is not just a matter of age so it comes out with its best-sellers thought for the younger: the CARLINA CE3614S JUNIOR for a teen boho style and the hexagonal PALMA CE3102S JUNIOR. Both require a strong personality.



Stella McCartney
does the same and wants to start from the small ones. Bright colours, vibrant prints, audacious and joyful shapes for both young boys and girls with an attitude

Stella McCartney SK0040S JUNIOR 

Stella McCartney SK0017S JUNIOR 

An attitude that should be taken anywhere, mountains included: Stella McCartney SK0030S JUNIOR 



Cébé has also always had a particular interest in the protection of children, starting from their youngest age: Cébé S’Calibur Junior 


Cébé S’Calibur Junior 


...and also a vast selection of goggles for their snow-experiences! Check them out here


While Oakley offers protection from the early age of young athletes with the Oakley Junior collection


Encourage kids and teens to put their sunglasses on. First for protection and then.. to look just like you! And indeed… style has no age at all!


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