Ski goggles: Otticanet vademecum

Ski goggles: Otticanet vademecum

Winter is coming and we do not want to be caught unprepared. Here is a small guide to choose the perfect ski goggles.

This accessory is not only essential to complete our snow look, but especially to protect our eyes.


Focus on quality!

Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, the ski goggles are one of the accessories you cannot do without. The quality of the lenses is the most important aspect you should focus on.

Most goggles have polycarbonate lenses, this material is much more impact-resistant and successfully crash tested than others.

Most brands come in standard sizes to allow an excellent fit for all types of face.



The right color for the right time!

Depending on weather conditions you must choose the right lens tint.

For bright light and sunny days or for those who loves steep descents down from the glaciers where the sun is stronger, the best choice is dark colour or mirrored lens. This lens will keep your eyes safe and comfy while they increase contrast.


SALICE 969 CRX POLARFLEX are equipped with polarised lenses that absorb light and push it in a single direction, removing the dazzle.

Salice ski goggles guarantee a glare-free vision, with natural colours and a complete protection for your eyes.




On low-light days we suggest coloured lens performing and why not, also super stylish.

OAKLEY FALL LINE OO 7085 FACTORY PILOT : a pair of frameless and compact ski goggles with Prizm™ lenses. This lens provides unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colours precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility.






In low light, fog or nighttime, yellow, gold and clear lenses filter out blue light, emphasizing shadows in the snow so you can see bumps better.



SMITH OPTICS I/O matches an innovative frame with a highly technological lens that gives a large range of vision also in bad weather.



Do you wear glasses? No worries!

If you wear glasses, make sure the goggles will fit over them. Some goggles are designed just for this. They are called OTG (Over the Glasses).


BOLLE SUPREME OTG are provided with a big spherical screen that allows you to wear it above your glasses.  These lenses protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays and they have an airing system that helps the goggles not to fog up.



Christmas is coming and a ski goggles are always a pleasant gift for who loves sports like ours sporty Otticanetters Dragana! Follow her tips and those of our Otticanetters on the last blog post for the best gift for this Christmas.

... Or check out our selection of ski goggles at the Otticanet snowpark:


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