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Find your perfect festive season glasses!

Find your perfect festive season glasses!

Which glasses to wear on New Year’s Eve and during Christmas holidays? This is not an easy choice, so many doubts, but our tips will help you to start 2019 in the right mood! 

Find your glasses for the festive season! (Fast Shipping!)

First of all we need to understand how you will spend your holiday days and the New Year’s Eve this year.

There are a lot of options; a chic and glamorous date, an all-night disco party, a dinner with friends, a night in a cottage with a fireplace or why not, a holiday in a sunny place… get inspired by our ideas!

Definitely the solution for New Year’s Eve is to sparkle, to shimmer and glow. So have no fear, but dare!

Chic e glamour events

If you decide to welcome 2019 drinking champagne at an exclusive and classy party, or at a dinner in a chic club rounding up after dinner in a fancy location, your outfit must live up to it. Your long dress and high-heeled shoes must be accompanied by the best accessories to make your outfit look stylish and glamorous.

Our suggestion for you is this very posh style from Miu Miu Scenique Evolution SMU 58T. It is a light metal model that is embellished by shiny rhinestones on the upper part of the lenses. This special detail makes the sunglasses sparkle and they will bring refinement and finesse to your outfit.

Party in the club

Are you going to celebrate the Midnight in a nightclub? Excellent, you have a wide selection of dresses and accessories to be trendy and to dance all night long!

We’re pretty sure something in your outfit will sparkle: whether it is your dress, your top, your skirt or your pants… sequins on New Year's Eve are a must! But take it easy on accessories! Our advice is to match a pair of  sunglasses that will make you glow without being excessive.

Model Dior Color Quake 2  is just right for you! You will be cool and you will not give up on comfort. Indeed, its pastel lenses will let you wear it all night long, from happy hour until dawn.

New Year’s Eve at home with friends 

If you don’t feel like jumping on social life this year, but you prefer to start 2019 quietly, dinner at home with friends is the best choice. And it is often the best way to celebrate!

No dress code! Actually, you will get the chance to be cosier and comfier, always with style. It is customary to wear something red on New Year’s Eve. They say that is a lucky colour to welcome new year.

And what could be better than a new red frame? 

Our tip is this Dolce & Gabbana Printed DG 3308  optical frame. On the outside it is dark red, while you will find printed red roses on a white background on the inside. These eyeglasses are both classy and refined.



Christmas holidays on the snow 

New Year’s Eve in the mountains is always charming. During the day you ski like there was no tomorrow and in the evening you rest and you warm up by the fireplace. It is a great way to regenerate and to start the new year with the right attitude.

For you that will not be up too late on December 31st, but you prefer to enjoy a good skiing on the day after, we suggest these amazing goggles Oakley Flight Deck OO 7050 Torstein Horgmo.

This style is part of the new collection and the unusual strap pattern gives a Christmas and winter touch to the goggles.


Holiday in a sunny place

Are you one of the luckiest that will celebrate New Year’s Eve in a sunny place? Whether you go to the Tropics or to the Caribbean, sun will be strong and you will need a new pair of sunglasses!

Our suggestion to be fashionable as well as to keep your eyes safe is model Versace The Clans VE 4361.

This is one of the best seller of this moment and the dark grey lenses will ensure full protection and comfort to your eyes, which is perfect for the special occasion!



Choose the perfect glasses for your New Year’s Eve and Festive Season on Otticanet!

Happy holidays!


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