Gigi's Vogue... What's yours?

Gigi's Vogue... What's yours?

It has been on everybody’s mouth, the second collaboration of Gigi Hadid with Vogue eyewear. Gigi has been chosen not only for being a successful model, but also because she is a woman with a bold personality that makes her and whatever she wears unique...

…as unique as this collection is, embodying different fashion styles dating back to different decades.

First of all that wistful desire to return both in thought and in fact to the Nineties. It may seem like just yesterday (for some of us anyway…), but the look has made a huge comeback and it can been noticed on the retro-futuristic frame of the collection, the edgy VO 5235S BY GIGI HADID, seen on Gigi on her best and most eccentric appearances.

Then a dive into deep vintage. The extremely round and minimally oversized VO 4085S BY GIGI HADID is a boho-glam model with a rock soul. It comes in six different colour proposals, each one better than the other. Very hippy-style and perfect for every free spirit out there!

And last but not least, one style that seemed to have trouble finding its way to the top at first. The inspiration comes directly from the Fifties, that petite silhouette and cat-eye upturning corners have been greatly appreciated; style VO 5237S BY GIGI HADID is beautiful, both in a more classic black or dark havana but also in blonde havana with cocktail pastel lenses!

Gigi’s Vogue collection is so darn retro-posh, you'll love every pair! And you will find them all on Otticanet!



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