New season, new atmosphere, new vibes and here comes a new style!
Till now we were used to the classic shapes: oversize, cat-eye, round, pilot, butterfly.
Well they are not a novelty either, they have been on most trendspotters lately. Talking about the 2018 super must-have CUT-EYE inspiration! The teeny-tiny sunglasses!

As revealed by the name they were given, they are all about edgy, aggressive and daring lines, frequently three-dimensional and extremely futuristic!

Prada stands first in the line with its incredible ULTRAVOX collection, made of three different styles coming directly from Matrix: the acetate PRADA ULTRAVOX SPR 19US in four different colour proposals, the rectangular, metal PRADA ULTRAVOX SPR 64US and the cat-eye, CUT-EYE metal PRADA ULTRAVOX SPR 63US: all carry that innocent 90’s vibe! Kaia Gerber has hastened to get her favourite!

Due to a long collaboration with the queen of trends, Vogue stands out for its collection signed by Gigi Hadid, proposing now two metal tinies and one in acetate: super square VO 4106S BY GIGI HADID, oval VO 4107S BY GIGI HADID and one that will make you plan your vacations already, the acetate rock cat-eye and cut-eye VO 4105S BY GIGI HADID.

Alain Mikli has also thought of sharing the trend, proposing the LE MATIN 0A05036, quite edgy and slim, already spotted on Beyoncè.

Givenchy could not resist either to a fashion that is spreading so fast… and has proposed the metal, oval mini-frame BLUSH GV 7090/S.



Miu Miu has always been THE ALTERNATIVE brand, the unconventional one dedicated to women who want to stand out and distinguish from everybody else. The Spring/Summer collection includes two beautiful mini rimless frames belonging to the Société collection: SOCIÉTÉ SMU59T embellished with a sparkling eyebrow on the upper part of the lenses and SOCIÉTÉ SMU60T, oval and decorated with a high upper chain-bridge.

Oh yes, the nineties are back indeed, right NEO?

Either you choose the blue or the red pill… DO IT ON OTTICANET!

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