Meet our OTTICANETTERS: fashionable Alessandra

Meet our OTTICANETTERS: fashionable Alessandra

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Ciao from Alessandra!

100% Made in Italy, I love cooking, traveling and American TV series!

I believe in the incredible power of style: a special outfit, a passion-red lipstick or the right pair of glasses will brighten up not only your mood but also your entire day!

I spend a lot of my free time on instagram, in order to be updated about the latest trends and outfits chosen by celebs!
Fashion changes so fast that I never want to miss out on anything: any trend proposed in every single moment!

Shopping as well as the discovery of new, unknown places are my two biggest passions. And then I will never say no to a good glass of wine. I am Italian, aren't I?

If you are looking for the right glasses in order to see the world with new eyes... well I am the right person to give you any advise!

Confidential for fashion-addicted OTTICANETTERS!!!

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