Steve McQueen and the Myth of Persol

Steve McQueen and the Myth of Persol

The connection between sunglasses and the life of the rich and famous lives strong. And this is even more accentuated when the glasses appear on the silver screen! Supermodels and movie stars dictate the newest trends, using the sidewalk as their runway. And this has been happening for quite a long time…

If you were asked to mention one frame starring in a film, I am sure you would not have doubts in mentioning those special glasses worn by Steve McQueen!

The Persol PO 0714 first appeared in the sixties. It was actually the folding version of its already famous “brother”, the PO 0649 (worn by Marcello Mastroianni in “Marriage Italian Style”) and first folding frame ever on the market!!!

Its debut was the "Thomas Crown Affair" in 1968, when Steve McQueen chose it as it great companion. And then in his everyday private life... Steve was indeed a great passionate about Persols and especially the blue lenses the brand had already introduced back then, way before their time.

Ever since, Persol has been producing every now and then a special edition of the PO 0714, named after the man who brought it to its great success: STEVE MCQUEEN LIMITED EDITION PO 0714SM incarnate the rebellious spirit, the inborn charisma, the living life to the limit and passion for speed that belonged to McQueen.

The lenses are top quality crystal, as all Persol models, exceptionally slim, light and comfortable to wear. They are polarised and photochromatic with an anti-reflecting coating, guaranteeing crystal-clear vision in all light conditions.

The name Steve McQueen™ is reproduced inside the stem and on the stylish leather case.

Get the rebellious look then and get your piece of movie history… The legend is definitely back!!!!


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