Frame your face: The perfect glasses for every skin, hair and eye colour

Frame your face: The perfect glasses for every skin, hair and eye colour

Step one was determined last week. But, when choosing glasses, face shape isn't the only factor that determines which frames will look best on you; your skin tone, hair colour and also eye colour (for prescription frames) are also important to help you choose the perfect pair!

The big question you should answer is this: DO I FEEL BETTER WITH "COLD" or "WARM” NUANCES? If you were to choose a jewel, would it be in yellow gold or white gold/silver?
It may sound strange but once you have answered this question, if you give a look at your wardrobe you will find out that you have been dealing with this dilemma without even noticing it!

If your answer is GOLD then you will probably find out that you have been choosing warm hues: olive green, yellow, orange, light brown, red and its darker effects and then all the kinds of tortoiseshell and havana.
If your answer is SILVER then your wardrobe will most likely host clothes in the tones of blue, purple, pink and classic green.

Once decided between COLD or WARM, time to take into consideration your skin colour. As a general rule, wearing colours that complement rather than conflict with your skin tone is the best course of action. For instance, if you’re a warm tone, wear warm-coloured glasses and vice-versa. Warm or Cold is always to be taken into consideration but then if you are:

LIGHT SKIN: Go for Blue, Purple, Grey Or Silver, pink and jewel tones as well as lighter neutrals like a cool beige. Avoid colors with a yellow tone, such as gold and green, as this may clash with your skin tone.

MEDIUM SKIN: Tortoiseshell and warm browns work wonderfully with this skin tone, as well earthy greens and golds. Avoid cooler jewel tones, as these will tend to clash with your skin.

DEEP SKIN: This rich skin color is best complemented by warm colors. Deep browns, tortoiseshells and golds work well with this skin tone, as well as gold-toned greens.

And what about your hair colour? That is an important feature as well, always considering if you are Warm or Cool haired.

Blond hair: Pink and brown, blue and purple and variations of tortoiseshell that best suit your blond.

Brown hair: Green, red, and gold, cooler browns and beiges.

Red hair: Variations of tortoiseshell and green, blue, green-blue, and warm reds.

Black hair: The choice is wide, black is neutral and will pair pretty much any colour.

Grey/white hair: Choose brighter, vibrant colors. Avoid colours that can dull your features.

Last but not least your eyes colour if you are looking for eyeglasses. Here the key-word is CONTRAST.

People with brown eyes will try to achieve an attractive contrast with their colourful, eye-catching frames. Opt for darker shaded glasses for light eyes and lighter shaded for the dark eyes.

While typically, people with particularly vivid eye colors like blue or green may want a pair of glasses mimicking their eye color.

Of course… do not forget to inject your personality into your new glasses!!! Choose yours on

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