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Polarized, Photochromatic, Fotopolar lenses: How to choose the best type for you!

Polarized, Photochromatic, Fotopolar lenses: How to choose the best type for you!

Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory, they also offer protection, high performance and comfort for our eyes, thanks to the lenses technology.

The most performing lenses available at the moment are the polarized and photochromic ones.

The polarized lenses have inside a special filter, fixed between the two layers of the lens, like a sandwich, that captures the incoming sunrays and directs them all in one direction.

In this way all the reflections and shadows are totally avoided and the result is a clearer and more relaxing vision, so that the eyes are less stressed.

For this reasons polarized lenses are the best choice to make sport, as they offer a total shield against the UVA and UVB rays  and improve the quality vision.

This depends on the increase in contrast, that guarantees an high definition of the shapes and colours, especially on asphalt, water, snow and reflecting surfaces.

Oakley HOLBROOK XL OO 9417

These lenses are therefore really useful for the outdoor activities, for the winter sports on the snow or to fish for example, as they avoid the dazzle.

Then they are also chosen by the runners and the bikers to enhance the contrasts and, generally, by all those who look for a higher visual comfort in a trendy and fashion item.




Polaroid PLD 2071/G/S/X

Let’s talk now about the photochromic lenses, that in just a few seconds change their colour following the quantity and intensity of sunlight.

Then, once the irradiation of light disappears, the lenses gradually come back to their original stage.

These lenses become darker when they come in contact with ultraviolet rays, therefore they modulate their colour based on how much light they receive.



The photochromic lenses are really useful in case of variable light condition, for example moving from a semi-darkness to full sunlight, or if the climatic conditions change quickly (sun - clouds).


This type of lens generally makes a transition of 2 categories.

The lenses 0-3 or 1-3 are suggested for all the climatic conditions, indeed the entry category is a clear lens or a category 1 and they become a category 3, that is a good protection level in the case of strong sunlight.



The lenses 2-4 instead are specifically created for high mountain activities, in fact the entry category is the 2, that is already a medium protection level and, at the time of maximum exposure to UVA and UVB rays, they become a category 4, that is a really dark dark lens.


Salice SALICE 003


At last, there are also the fotopolar lenses, that are a mix of the two previous technologies, so they are both photochromic and polarized.

In this way the lenses offer a really good quality vision, with an high definition of all the colours and details, in any light condition.

These are the lenses used by the professional sportsmen, that need from a lens high performances whatever the weather conditions.


Salice SALICE 016 ITA


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