Stars, celebs and horoscope 2019 - The perfect glasses for your Zodiac sign!

Stars, celebs and horoscope 2019 - The perfect glasses for your Zodiac sign!

Welcome 2019! The new year has just begun, what do the stars reserve for you in the next few months?

Here comes our suggestions to choose the best glasses to start the year in the best way, like the celebs!

Aries - Lady Gaga


For those born under the sign of Aries, like the eccentric Lady Gaga, the new year will certainly be better than 2018, but still with ups and downs along the road. In May and June there will be more chances for romantic relationships. As for work, there may be changes in sight as well.

To face up to this new year with nerve and optimism we recommend you a pair of glasses with bold lines and bright colors, and you will not go unnoticed, just like Lady Gaga... DIOR HYPNOTIC 1


Taurus - Dwayne Johnson


After a quite difficult 2018, starting from May 2019, Saturn will be favorable (finally!) to those born under the sign of Taurus. This will be the year of change and transformation, both in love and professional life. The luckiest month will be December. A positive year, therefore, full of news and opportunities for those willing to grasp them!

The big Dwayne “The Rock“ Johnson  seems to be ready to face the challenges that will await him this year, wearing an iconic model like the Saint Laurent CLASSIC 11, an unisex model available in many colours that will match with any mood and moment of the day.



Gemini - Angelina Jolie

2019 will start in slow motion and there could be some issues moneywise due to Jupiter opposition. The first 6 months of the year will be quite tough also for love relationships, especially for those who have a partner, while singles can have interesting chances during the summer.

If the stars work against us, we must not break down, rather we have to pull out the grit and smile to face each challenge with a positive attitude!

Get a pair of Valentino VA 2013 glasses with double bridge and mirrored lenses to trick the bad luck and be beautiful and fashion like Angelina Jolie!


Cancer - Ariana Grande


For those born under the sign of Cancer, Saturn will be in opposition for most of the year, so there could be some difficulties and issues to face...don’t worry, you will be able to deal with them with confidence. In fact, those born under this sign are able to wait for the right moment to face a difficult situation.

The months of June and July will be the decisive ones for work. February will be an uneasy one, while in summer and autumn it will be possible to take some revenge, especially as far as love is concerned. We wish good luck to Ariana Grande!

So keep calm, manage one issue at a time and carefully consider what to do. A model with simple lines and a big lenses, that will allow you to carefully look around you, will be the best choice to face each challenge.
Our suggestion is a pair of Gucci GG0396O in gold colour, to shine anyway!





Leo - Jennifer Lawrence


The first six months of the year will be the luckiest for your professional life, while in January and February you may have the chance to find the one big love. However, the best moment for love will be summertime!

A sparkling 2019 will await those born under the sign of Leo, that will be the luckiest sign of the year!

Choose a very glam pair of sunglasses, to celebrate this lucky year, like the  Dolce & Gabbana GRIFFES & STONES DG 2216.





Virgo - Blake Lively


The first half of the year will be quite complicated due to bureaucratic issues and difficult relationships with your relatives.
Starting from May, things will get better - mostly for your working life - and the best months will be October and December.

When we need to be reassured, the right choice is a pair of classic glasses that can match each outfit and mood: a pair of Ray-Ban of course! Like the ones worn by the lovely Blake Lively, the one and only ORIGINAL WAYFARER RB 2140.


Libra - Will Smith


The suggestion for 2019 is to save. Not only money but even and especially love:  avoid spending time with those who do not deserve it. Saturn could be in opposition during February and March, while in August there will be important news about love. If there are unresolved matters, it will be better to face them in spring. Those born under the sign of Libra will therefore have to be cautious and rely on the sense of balance typical of their sign.

Will Smith is always sophisticated without being showy and all his outfits are balanced like the characteristics of his Zodiac sign.

To copy him, we suggest you the Tom Ford TRIPP FT 0666 glasses, elegant and really glam with the metal frame and the double bridge.





Scorpio - Leonardo di Caprio


The favorite month for those born under the sign of Scorpio will be May. Starting from June, things will improve in love and friendship, while the first months of the year could reserve some family issues... As far as work is concerned, the whole year will be absolutely positive and will close with unexpected gains.

A lucky year will await those who born under this sign like Leonardo di Caprio, always in great shape, with or without the favor of the stars!

To be elegant, classic and fashion, you cannot miss the absolutey iconic Persol STEVE MCQUEEN LIMITED EDITION PO 0714SM.




Sagittarius - Taylor Swift


This will be an incredible and lucky year for your working life. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius will feel adventurous and enterprising: they will carry out new projects, starting even new love relationships. 2019 will be a particularly fertile and profitable year.

So it seems that many news and number one hits will await Taylor Swift, but we had no doubt about it! This year has to be celebrated with a particular and sophisticated item like the Fendi LEI FF 0190/S


Capricorn - Bradley Cooper


The second part of 2019 will be rich of positive feelings. Starting from August, above all, those born under this sign will be involved in a new love relationship. Good work projects: you will not want to waste time.

The beautiful and talented Bradley Cooper will surely seize every opportunity  he gets and we can’t wait for his next movie! In the meantime, we can copy his style and wish to acquire some of his charm!

You cannot go wrong with the Carrera NEW SAFARI glasses!



Acquarius - Cristiano Ronaldo

For those born under this sign, 2019 presents itself as an intense year, bringing a wave of changes and newness.

The month of May will represent an important turn for the Aquarius, but June will be the key month for a love and professional revolution to take place. Cristiano Ronaldo certainly doesn’t fear changes and all his determination is evident at every public appearance.

For you that don’t fear comparisons, like him, the right glasses aren Givenchy Reveal GV 7109/S that shows all the desire to always be at the top.



Pisces - Justin Bieber


For those born under the sign of Pisces, the year is characterized by a slow start, especially on the love front; however, from Spring onwards a period of great success and fortune will begin. Work will be great especially during the Summer time, which will also be a lucky period for love.

A positive year for Justin and a new love… or maybe more than one!

If you are his same sign and feel fashion addicted like Justin, choose the Saint Laurent eyeglasses, a must-have among his accessories. Saint Laurent SL 104 is a classic model that you cannot miss!



Be a winner in 2019!

Choose the right glasses according to your sign, only on!





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