Fall Winter trends: discover the new collections of the maisons - Part Two

Fall Winter trends: discover the new collections of the maisons - Part Two

The new collections have arrived! Let’s pick up up where we left off last time...Ready to explore the new season's trends?


Bottega Veneta 


Perhaps this choice will surprise you, but now this is the name on the lips of all trendsetters. The brand is living a new life under the guidance of Daniel Lee who imported his characteristic style - do u remember Celine? - and gave Bottega a boost of urban mood. The logo changes, the famous weave pattern merges with new lines.

The new collection is wonderful.




Shop now Bottega Veneta BV1026S



Shop now Bottega Veneta BV1018S


Shop now Bottega Veneta BV1012S


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With the new D&G winter campaign you will find yourself immersed in the icy and glamorous winter of Milan. The women's collection does not lose even a bit of that sensual femininity typical of the brand but, if possible, this aspect increases even more with the new styles. The men’s collection shows styles with important shapes but with more sporty elements that lighten up the highly contemporary design.




Shop now D&G DG 4357 




Shop now D&G DEVOTION DG 4368




Shop now D&G LOGO DG 2231


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Even Givenchy, like Bottega, is a very welcome winter surprise. We found several styles that stand out for their shapes or their details. Swarovski crystals and stars, transparencies and metallic materials, each pair of glasses has unique peculiarities. Feminine and masculine come together in some of the most futuristic styles, which are perfect for every occasions and become recognizable signs of those who already live in the world of tomorrow.




Shop now Givenchy GV 7138/S


Shop now Givenchy GV 7017/N/S


Shop now Givenchy GV 7137/S


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Jimmy Choo 


Yes, Jimmy Choo has won our hearts too. If we were asked for a definition of this collection we could think of only one adjective: sparkling!

Every style shines with light, enriched with large glitter, precious stones and golden details.

The extra touch that made us fall in love are the chains, which, from being a vintage accessory transform in a boundary jewel that could easily live a life of its own.



Shop now Jimmy Choo Sonny/s 





Shop now Jimmy Choo Elva/s 


Shop now Jimmy Choo Sammi/g/s


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Tom Ford 


He could never miss our rankings. He must have had a year full of inspiration judging from the several new styles of this Fall / Winter collection. The wide shapes and autumnal nuances are evident at a glance, metal and acetate are once again coming together, creating always innovative structure games. At Tom Ford's, banality is not an option.




Shop now Tom Ford RAZOR FT 0797 



Shop now Tom Ford ARIZONA FT 0769




Shop now Tom Ford TINA FT 0759



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Well, now you are really ready. You are up to date with the top collections of the season, you can choose your new glasses among the best brands and, above all, you can recommend them to your loved ones and your friends. What are you waiting for to start shopping?


See u soon!

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