Superbowl LIII: did you watch it?

Superbowl LIII: did you watch it?

The most followed show in the world, between fashion icons and racial controversy


Never like this year have the eyes of the planet been focused on the biggest sporting event ever: 110 million spectators kept their eyes glued to the screens.

If you spent the night watching the Super Bowl like us, your eyes will be tired and surrounded by beautiful dark circles but you will already know everything about the show. On the other hand, if you went to bed early in order to get ready for Monday, but want to make a good impression on your colleagues ... Well, you're on the right page!

The first thing to know is that New England Patriots won, Tom Brady's team.
The record man played his 9th Super Bowl, the last one of a unique career. According to many, Tom is, above all, the strongest player in the world. He’s also a superdad of three children (two of which had by the model Gisele Bündchen) and, very important for us, he’s an extremely fashionable guy. We are used to his perfect outfits made in Tom Ford, just like this one worn at the Atlanta airport. Here it is wearing Leo model, avalaible on


Tom was definitely not the only star to shine yesterday. All the attention was on the band Maroon 5 and Adam Levine, who had the honour to entertain the whole world during the Halftime Show.


Credits: Youtube NFL Channel

The controversy over their performance has been going on for months and is the result of the actions that the NFL has taken against Colin Kaepernick for his protest about US police abuses against African Americans.

Credits: East Bay Times

After losing the contract with his team, Colin was no longer hired by any other team despite his undoubted talent and the support he got from many people in the showbiz. Many stars including Rihanna and Cardi B have chosen to support him to the point of not participating at the Halftime Show.

We didn’t see Riri on stage, but we are sure that she will be spotted on the trendy scenes again now that her entry into the LVMH universe, big fashion group that includes Dior, Givenchy and Fendi, has been made official. While we wait to see if the glasses worn last week on the day of the announcement will be a piece of her Fenty line, we propose one of her unforgettable Dior models.

Credits: US Hello Magazine

It seems that even Jay Z turned down the Super Bowl offer for the same reasons. He said it loud and clear, reiterating his opinion about the racial abuse in the lyrics he wrote with his wife Apeshit:

"I said no to the Super Bowl: you need me, I don't need you. Every night we in the endzone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too."

Beyoncé, who has been on the Super Bowl stage twice, has not made statements. But speaking about shows, she and her husband announced they will be giving away tickets for their concerts to those who choose to... become vegan! As we know, eating fruit and vegetables is good for health and eyesight but, as we could expect, the roundup of negative comments on social media did not take long to show up. Waiting to get new updates from the Carters, we continue to follow them on Instagram, where a few days ago QueenB published this wonderful shot with one of the new Gucci.

Credits: @Beyonce on Instagram

On the other hand, Travis Scott chose not to support the racial protest, unlike many of his colleagues. Despite all the hype, he did not propose to Kylie Jenner, causing the disappointment of the fans. The influencer that only two days ago teased his followers talking about a second pregnancy, immediately denied, was not in the crowd. From home, Kardashian has published a post with 12 million views, in which the little Stormi observes his father on TV. Kylie knows how to draw attention to herself as she did with these photographs. Will these pics finally convince the rapper to put a ring on her finger? 

Check out all the rectangular sunglasses on

 Credits: @KylieJenner on Instagram


That’s all for today! See you next week with a special post on the Grammy Awards! 


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