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Valentino: 86 years of class

Valentino: 86 years of class

 Our best wishes to the last emperor of fashion, the designer who has exported the Italian sartorial elegance and refinement all over the world

"I always create for romantic people". Only with this quote we could already close our article. This statement would be enough to describe the soul of Valentino.

The designer, who in his long career had the honor of dressing the most beautiful women on the planet, from Elizabeth Taylor to Sofia Loren, from Sharon Stone to Jacqueline Kennedy who became his muse, has left an indelible mark on the history of fashion.

From Voghera to the highest peak of success, he has collected a series of results that few, very few, can compete with. One above all: the "Rosso Valentino", a color with its own name. A particular shade of red that is very bright, between carmine, purple and cadmium red.




He said the inspiration for this color came from an evening spent at the opera in Barcelona, ​​where the stage costumes were all red and the women stuck out of the stage like geraniums on a balcony.

The Valentino style is characterized by a perfect knowledge of the sartorial techniques: the designer's passions are, in fact, drapes, plissé, animalier patterns and art. The influence of Klimt, Hoffman and of Renaissance painters is visible in his works but, above all, it’s the inspiration to the Opera, which remains one of his great loves, that stands out.



And now, let’s talk about his loves. Two are the most famous: Giancarlo Giammetti (pictured above), fellow and collaborator, lover for over 12 years, now a close friend; and the current partner, the former model Bruce Hoeksema, now designer of luxury bags, man of refined beauty.



After Valentino's retirement from the fashion scene there was a lot of talking about who was going to inherit his legacy and the choice seems to fall on two other beautiful young boys. Sean and Anthony Souza - sons of the model Carlos Souza, historic PR of the maison, and his ex-wife Charlene Shorto de Ganay, also PR - are in fact the godchildren of Valentino and Giancarlo and, according to his closest friends, they are also the closest thing similar to a family that Valentino has ever had.



Today, therefore, in honor of the unique and undisputed talent of the great Valentino and of his 86th birthday, we want to introduce you to our special selection of the new styles of his maison.

Here they are! The first two styles resume the famous golden V logo on the temples, a precious detail. The great return of clearly visible logos, trend of 2019, has put these sunglasses with shapes that recall the 90s fashion in the spotlight.




Shop now V LOGO VA 4057



Shop now V LOGO VA 4058


Always among the trends of the 90's there are also the Valentino 4028, the bold butterfly style with large temples.



Shop now VA 4028



A change of look, instead, with the collection Rockstud characterized by the presence of small studs: the 4061 has them clearly visible on the sides of the temples while in the Soul Rockstud 4060 we find them on the upper rim of the frame.

Shop now Rockstud Va 4061


Shop now Soul Rockstud VA 4060


With regards to eyeglasses, we find the same details characterizing the sunglasses collection we talked about before, the V Logo and the Rockstud. The bonus model is the most recent innovation among optical models, the VA 3021, which combines acetate and crystal.


Shop now V Logo VA 3037



Shop now Rockstud Va 3040



Shop now VA 3021



Our article dedicated to Valentino ends here. We just have to give our best wishes to the Last Emperor and remind you that you can take a look at all the other styles of the maison here on Otticanet, your favorite eyewear boutique.


See u next time!


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