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Tired look and dark circles: 9 tips to enhance your eyes

Tired look and dark circles: 9 tips to enhance your eyes

The best natural remedies, tricks and glasses to have a bright look.


The health of our eyes must be maintained first and foremost with a good pair of glasses, but also with a series of good habits. The use of smartphones and PCs, dry indoor environments together with stressful work rhythms, smog and excesses that we allow ourselves do not help us to keep our eyes in perfect shape.

The discomfort of the eyes can become really annoying, whether it is dryness, swelling and fatigue or the unpleasant dark circles.


So, we have collected 9 tips that can be useful to you:

1. And let there be light!

If you just need to bring back the brightness to your face, choose bright colors, light frames and a touch of... brilliance. Here are our styles suggestions:



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2. Hands off your eyes!

Dark circles result from the condition of the capillary vessels present near the orbits that can become fragile due to age and some bad habits. When these capillaries break they release tiny amounts of blood that collect in the tissues creating micro-bruises.

Rubbing the eyes would further damage the fragile capillaries.

To find relief it is sufficient to cool them with fresh water.

3. Cold, I'm not afraid of you!

Hot air direct on the face is not good for your dark circles, if you are used to travel by car with the heating on, abandon this habit. In general, high temperatures are not good for capillaries, for example when you take a hot bath or shower, 37 degrees will suffice.


4. Stop the excesses

Alcohol and spicy food are vessel dilators and, as well as smoking, they can damage the capillaries. If you really can not do without, try to reduce their consumption.

5. If you can't delete them, hide them

To cure and improve the defects of our eyes, it takes a little time, so what do you do while waiting to have a perfect look? Behave like a diva, or hide everything behind large sunglasses. The Oversize section on Otticanet offers you a wide range of options. To help you choose, here our suggestions including some of the coolest models of the moment.



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6. Color your diet

Healthy nutrition is good for your body but also for your eyesight. Top foods are fruits and vegetables, whole grains and oils rich in nutrients, such as extra virgin olive oil. To flavor your dishes, use saffron, which protects the retina and prevents damage caused by aging. Eat lots of blueberries, which improve microcirculation at the eye level and night vision. Consume carrots often, which thanks to the beta-carotene that turns into vitamin A, are essential for the health of the retina.


7. The power of tea!

To deflate the eyes area and weaken the presence of our friends dark circles, the advice is to place two used tea bags over your eyes for about ten minutes.

Your eyes will benefit from it!


8. It's just a trick!

Choosing make-up to hide dark circles or brighten our face is not so simple. Experts advise covering the dark circles with red-toned products that contrast with their greenish and purplish color. Once these ugly shadows are covered, you should pass an illuminating concealer around the eyes. To refresh and brighten the look we can put a luminescent eye shadow, a drop of iridescent oil or a simple white eyeshadow near the inner corner and outlining the lower rim of the eyebrows in order to further enlarge the space. If you need some more advice, below is the Caterina Williams tutorial that will reveal several tricks.




9. Contact an expert!

Eye problems should never be underestimated. Whether dermatological or ophthalmic in nature, expert advice is the best remedy for your health.

Instead, as far as style is concerned, you can rely on our #Otticanetters, the personal shoppers of!

they are at your disposal to help you choose the styles that best matches your face.


Until next time!


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