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Persol Steve McQueen: the most iconic sunglasses of the cinema are back

Persol Steve McQueen: the most iconic sunglasses of the cinema are back

Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses come back in limited edition for summer 2019, an unmissable opportunity to wear a unique eyewear icon!


There are success stories that seem to be written by chance or luck. Characters and companies that weave their lives and their experiences and then give back to the world timeless myths. This is what happened between Persol and Steve McQueen. Whether it was he the one who consolidated Persol's position or whether it was the Italian brand that enhanced his image of handsome, reckless and unreachable Hollywood actor with its glasses, we don't seem to know. It happens, like between Audrey Hepburn and the Oliver Goldsmith worn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, like Jane Birkin and the famous Hermès bag. And we can only admire these unique pieces and hope to be able to have one to show off and keep with love.

The good news is that Steve McQueen's Persols are available on Otticanet!

And this time there is a new and precious color: Havana color frame with 24 carat gold plated lenses!









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The first launch of Persol 714 was in 1968 with the movie "The Thomas Crown case", in which Steve's personality, similar in some ways to his character, definitively emerged. The gentleman thief, passionate about cars and eager to push his life to the limits has made the crowd fall in love, giving us all indelible images that we still can't forget today.

He chose to wear the 714, the sunglasses style he also used outside the set and for which he had lost his mind when he saw them in a famous Sunset Boulevard boutique. And so the legend was born.



The main feature of these glasses is their closure. It is possible to fold them in half and place them in the pocket of a jacket. Elegant, refined but gritty just like Steve.

Compared to the classic 714 this style shows all the original details of the one worn by the actor, the Freccia Supreme and the signature Steve McQueen™ above the temple.



These sunglasses were born as a variant of the previous style Persol 649, another unique icon.

The 649 came from the enormous success that Marcello Mastroianni had achieved in "Divorce Italian Style", a film in which he played Ferdinando Cefalù, a fallen baron who, besieged by his wife for whom he no longer feels any attraction, yields to the charm of a very young and beautiful Stefania Sandrelli, giving way to a series of tragicomic situations.




The film was so successful that it was nominated for three Academy Awards and managed to bring home the statuette as Best Original Screenplay.

Thanks to "Divorce Italian Style" Persol has reached the gates of the Olympus of the star system and with McQueen they have climbed the mountain.

We must remember that style and history must be accompanied by efficiency and functionality.

The 714 lenses are in fact made of crystal of supreme quality - as in all Persol glasses - thin, light and comfortable, both polarized and photochromic and with anti-reflective treatment to guarantee perfect vision in all weather conditions.

On Otticanet they are available in three colors, in addition to the exclusive and above mentioned Havana with 24 carat gold plated lenses: Black, Coffee and Terra di Siena all with Blue Shaded lenses, Steve's favorites.

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We'll give you these shots by McQueen- or McCool as it was called thanks to his reputation as a perfect man in every look - driving his Jaguar XKSS through Mulholland Drive, the famous LA street, while posing in front of his cars and here in a moment of relax.





We also remind you that these styles are a limited edition and that they are back after about two years.

Don't wait, the Persol Steve McQueen are waiting for you on Otticanet!




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