Marilyn Monroe: 57 years without her style

Marilyn Monroe: 57 years without her style

June 1st is Marilyn's birthday. Not was, but (still) is, even if she is gone.

Her smile, her sad eyes in the latest years, that natural sensuality that could no longer be found in any of the other actresses who came after her.

She had entered the hearts of all, with that air of a dizzy blonde, and she remained there.

Today, to honor her unforgettable charm and to celebrate all the other divas who have changed the world of fashion, cinema and costume with her, we decided to write this post.

Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn will be our muses and yours too: we have found old images that portray them with sunglasses and eyeglasses that still, needless to say, are a trend.

For this reason, dear friends, here are our tips to revive the looks of the most beautiful divas of all time.

Before starting, as always, we recommend this marvelous Spotify soundtrack.


Marilyn Monroe


Here she is, with her third husband Arthur Miller. In this phase of life, she was at the top of her career: after "Niagara", "Gentlemen prefer blondes" and other successes she was now a full-fledged diva. She looked serene in this photo, before the separation, before Kennedy, before it all ended. We chose it for this reason.


She has worn sunglasses many times in her life, perhaps more as a way to hide her sad eyes rather than as a detail to define her style. What has remained in everyone's memory, however, is her charm. We have chosen three styles, to which we have combined our proposals.



Let's start with the first, a very feminine cat eye, classic black frame enriched with gray lenses. We have chosen Oliver Peoples, but here you will find other similar glasses.

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The second style has more angular shapes, it is characterized by a decorative motif on the temple and by a tortoise frame. We chose the Dita Monthra which incorporates all the features of the original; you know that this shape will not be new to you at all: it is, perhaps, the most famous of Ray-Ban with its Wayfarer and has been taken up by many other designers.





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Now let's move on to the last eyeglasses, with a butterfly shape, enriched by bright details. Our proposal is the DSquared2 5156 and here you can find other similar suggestions.



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Of Marilyn's looks we could talk for hours and hours but we haven't enough space, so we have enclosed in a collage her most striking outfits.

photo collage. 



Grace Kelly


The Princess. Grace has certainly had a very different life from Marilyn, but fate has equally mocked her. The actress who had already won the hearts of fans with "Mogambo", "A perfect murder" and "Rear Window", at the peak of her career, took a decision that changed her life. While filming "To Catch a Thief", a film entirely set on the French Riviera, she met Prince Ranieri of Monaco. The two fell madly in love to the point that Grace decided to give up her acting career and totally dedicate herself to the royal life.


The fairytale that enchanted the world with the first live wedding broadcast on all the tvs on the planet, however, did not have a happy ending. After three children and years of extreme happiness, the Princess and Stephanie, the third child, had a serious car accident, in which Grace lost her life. Her memory and grace are vivid in anyone's memory, as is her inimitable style. Muse of Hermés - do you know the famous Kelly Bag? - of numerous designers, but most of all of Hitchcock who called her Boiling Ice, will remain forever in our hearts.

As always, we have selected three styles of glasses that we present in a modern key.


The first is a classic white butterfly eyewear and was worn in some scenes of "To Catch a Thief". Of course, Saint Laurent Grace could is our proposal.

Click here instead if you are in other white frames!


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The second frame recalls more modern shapes and has a more casual allure. Our favorite is the Gucci GG0488S Havana. Are you not convinced of this proposal? Here are other similar glasses.




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Last but not least, the extravagant Cat Eye with slightly colored lenses.

How glam are this glasses? Here's our advice: the brand new Dolce & Gabbana DG 4357!



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And, as we did for Marilyn, we could not avoid enclosing a series of her timeless looks.



Audrey Hepburn


Sabrina, Gigi, Holly: how many lives has Audrey Hepburn had and how many characters are still so real for us to confuse them with her person? A myth and an icon that, over the course of her life not much longer than Marilyn’s and Grace’s, has dedicated herself passionately to the study of acting, quickly becoming one, if not the best, of the actresses of the 60s enough to be desired by the most important directors of that time.




She had a quieter life than the actresses we talked about earlier and in the last few years after finding the long-awaited love, Robert Wolders, once left the limelight she dedicated herself to her role as Unicef ​​ambassador.

Here are three shots that immortalize her in its splendor.


"Breakfast at Tiffany's" could not be missing, and even though the original glasses worn by Holly are now out of production, the most famous fashion houses have tried in every way to imitate the icon of Oliver Goldsmith.

Our proposal is Ralph Laurent RL 8175.


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The second eyewear, very eccentric, embodies all the originality and extravagance of the 70s. The model we have chosen is Dolce&Gabbana Printed 4345. 




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The third model instead has a slight butterfly shape and was actually very colorful. Perfect for this pre-summer period is also the Fendi Peekaboo.


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Also for Audrey, an inevitable collage of her iconic outfits.



We greet you with a little nostalgia in your heart knowing that there will be no more divas like them. Stay tuned for the next post!


See you soon!


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