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Special Summer 2019: the perfect glasses for every type of holiday

Special Summer 2019: the perfect glasses for every type of holiday

It is shortly now for the summer holidays, are you ready? Whether you are starting out with a backpack or an extra luxury resort, we have thought of you and above all of your glasses! In this post that smells of sunscreen and fresh coconut we suggest the coolest summer 2019 models, but this time we use a new formula.

3 types of holidays - Urban Future, Cultural Classic, Water Relax - and 3 incredible destinations combined with each of them. And the glasses? They are there too, read here!


Urban Future

New York, Singapore, Tokyo, London


In your suitcase, only a street style look, casual chic outfits and the desire to discover the most avant-garde metropolis in the world. Museums, exhibitions, clubs and festivals will be your favorite relaxation! If your ideal holiday is this you just have to choose one of the models inspired by the four big cities.


New York

Let's start with the city with a capital letter. As there is nothing else. Its charm is indisputable, considered by many to be the most representative American city in the United States. A lively and glam city, innovative and multi-ethnic, cultured and young. The place we recommend: St Marks Place, the beating heart of the big apple.

The perfect glasses for this trip? This!

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A city formed by 63 islands, Asian but with a tropical climate, a tangle of traditions and cultures whose result is amazing. It has many names Singapore: "The Garden City", "The City of Records", "The Switzerland of the East", but no one will be able to tell you the essence of this country. Only a visit can explain its magnificence to you. The place we recommend: Clarke Quay, with a Singapore Sling in hand. The perfect glasses for your summer nightlife?

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The cradle of innovation, the imperial city. These two meanings seem to clash but Japan is just that. Temples and skyscrapers, close to symbolize the enormous growth of this country. Immerse yourself in the most futuristic culture on the planet and be amazed by all that Tokyo can give you. The place we recommend: the MORI Building Digital Art Museum to experience the experience closest to the dream that you will ever live.

The glasses we have chosen are these! 

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Cultural Classic

 Paris, Rome, Cairo


A jump in the oldest capitals is what you need. In your suitcase only tourist guides full of details on the wonders to discover, comfortable but elegant clothes, always worthy of the magnitude of the works you are going to visit. And above all, classic and refined glasses!



The Ville Lumière will welcome you with its sparkling life, its bohemian artists and those wonderful bistros in which to stop and admire the passing crowd. The place we recommend: Les Jardin du Luxembourg to relax like a real Parisian! And the most French glasses of all? Are they!

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Chaotic, warm and extravagant. The Italian capital preserves its millennial charm and always looks ahead. Its streets are an open-air museum and its boutiques ... Well, try it! The place we recommend: Trastevere at sunset, with a spritz in hand. And the Roman glasses par excellence are theirs.


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Culture, history and magic can all be found together in one country: Egypt.

The colors that come to mind when thinking of it are the muted and delicate desert tones. The place of the heart of its very lively capital: the Cairo tower will literally make your head spin! These are the perfect glasses here:


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Water relax

Santorini, Maldive, Sardegna 


Sea, silence and the sound of the waves. Read, eat and sleep. Is this all you want to do during your vacation? We have three perfect goals for you, three places that you will always carry in your heart.




The most famous Greek island of all, refined and elegant, known for its blue domes. With the sea in your eyes and the sun on your head, we recommend only one thing. Sit where you want but admire the sunset, we assure you that you will not see so beautiful anywhere else in the world. They are the perfect glasses!



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What about the most famous islands in the world? The crystal clear water, the smile of its inhabitants and the luxury they can give are unparalleled. The place we recommend: Ari, to immerse yourself in all the splendor of its waters and discover the marine fauna.

The perfect glasses are these:

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The last destination chosen is one of the most famous islands in the world, Sardinia. The Italian island has been for years the most popular destination for Hollywood stars and still today is among the most sought after in the world. The Sardinian people will welcome you as you only do in Italy. The place we recommend: Cala Luna, to feel yourself in a movie. Top glasses for this destination? 


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Now you are ready to go but remember that on Otticanet there are the sales!

Your new glasses are waiting for you!


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