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Stranger Things: the 80s are back in the series and... in the eyewear fashion!

Stranger Things: the 80s are back in the series and... in the eyewear fashion!

Stranger Things is coming back with new and surprising episodes and unmissable twists. That's right, you heard right! The famous american science fiction series, that aired for the first time on the Netflix platform on July 15th 2016, conceived by the Duffer brothers, has now reached its third unmissable season and will continue to thrill hundreds of thousands of people of any age for a long time, especially the most nostalgic of the 80s. On July 4th the long-awaited first episode of the third season will air on Netflix! Here we talk about the stellar cast of this series, we give you some fun facts about them and, above all, we will talk about their glasses! Ready for this trip to the upside down?

Let's start with the star of the series: the young actress, year 2004, Millie Bobby Brown, who plays "Eleven", a girl with psychokinetic and telepathic powers. 




The little Millie grows fast and is a master of trends. We see her here with a small round model that was a must in the past. On Otticanet you can find several similar solutions, but here we propose these Dior, with small oval lenses and polished temples. Particular in their kind, attractive and bizarre at the same time, they will give you the attitude of a real influencer!


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We can’t help mentioning Mike Wheeler, a friend - and perhaps something more - of Eleven and above all Will Byers' best friend. The young actor who portrays him on the screen is Finn Wolfhard, Canadian from Vancouver, born in 2002. The charm of this talented young man has already bewitched Saint Laurent who wanted him as a testimonial for the new 19/20 eyewear collection. Here he is on his Instagram profile. The style he wore is not available yet, but in the meantime we can recommend a very similar pair of glasses with a large dark lens and an acetate frame, the Versace Medusa.


Instagram @finnwolfhardofficial


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And how could we forget about Dustin? The nerdy boy who is always ready with a witty remark, one of the most memorable characters for the audience, is played by Gaetan Matarazzo, an American actor of Italian origin. The very nice Gaetan, born in 2002 in the state of New Jersey, hides quite a difficult life behind his unmistakable smile. In fact, he suffers from cleidocranial dysostosis, a congenital hereditary disease that affects the genetic apparatus, causing deformations of the clavicle, face and teeth. This is a rare and highly debilitating disease that has affected Dustin in a mild form, even though he still has to undergo many surgeries. The young actor, with great courage, turned his discomfort into an incredible strength. Chapeau!





Here he is in an older photo when it was still a child. On Otticanet, you know, we also have a whole section dedicated to glasses for the little ones! To inspire you, not only in the choice of your glasses but also of those for your little ones, we have chosen the Polaroid 7020/s Kids, with transparent frame, colored temples and mirrored lenses. 



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We haven't forgotten her. Winona. Undisputed icon of the 80s and 90s with a stormy past, she returned to the front row thanks to her character, the desperate mother of Will Byers, the missing child from the small and mysterious town of Hawkins.




In this picture, our charismatic actress wears the sunglasses of a real diva, but always fashionable, versatile and suitable for every occasion and circumstance. We suggest you these great Prada rounds and these D&G Logo






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Another great protagonist is the American Natalia Dyer, who plays Mike Wheeler's bigger sister, Nancy. Super intelligent and studious, kind and understanding, she also proves to be very courageous during the many adventures she comes across. Here we see her with a pair of Ray Bans.



As a first proposal we chose these Ray Ban from the new collection, very similar to the ones Natalia wears.


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Along with these, we also propose the Ray-Ban Square, newly released and already among the best sellers of the summer 2019. 


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And finally, one of the most beloved characters, Steve Harrington. We present you the last protagonist of this article, but certainly not for importance, Joe Keery.


Joe Keery for Milk Magazine


Cheeky and funny, here he is wearing all the colors of summer! To replicate his sunny look we recommend these Dior with orange lenses.

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And now prepare the popcorn, do a fast rewatch of the two previous series and throw yourself into the fantastic world of the 80s.

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See you next time!

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