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The summer horoscope is here: find out the perfect glasses according to your Zodiac sign

The summer horoscope is here: find out the perfect glasses according to your Zodiac sign

Summer is coming and the moment to show trendy sunglasses has arrived.

We have collected the predictions of the best astrologists in the world and, as always, we have matched them, sign for sign, with the most loved accessory of the summer: sunglasses.

Find out what the stars hold for you. 




This summer, dear Aries, you are bound to find an overwhelming love, like those you see in the movies: Jack and Rose in Titanic, Sandy and Danny in Grease, Bella and Edward in the Twilight trilogy.

According to the stars, the best destination for you could be an eventful island and for that reason the best sunglasses for you are these stunning Moschino. 




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Messed up, lovable, happy, frenetic and crazy, this will be your summer Taurus. Perhaps it will begin a little bit undertone, but as the weeks go by the enthusiasm will increase and it will blur your sight. In order to see more clearly, we recommend you these extravagant, but at the same time mysterious, Jimmy Choo. 



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This year holiday means relax. We suggest you to choose a place where to rest without many efforts as it has been a hard and stressful year. The horoscope predicts strong feelings and something negative in June… Could it be a breakup with your partner? To hide the tears and return to smile, we suggest these fabolous Gucci, perfect for that kind of situation.


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Your top ingredients for the summer are reading, perfumed creams and a new but rediscovered relax. These will be important months for your future on the love front too… Who knows, this time you may meet the right one! Imagine yourself looking at a beautiful sunrise with your super hot Oliver Peoples... and the spark will fire!

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You are in pole position. You could start in slow motion but new and fantastic friendships are in sight. And they will give to you the summer of your dreams. The best sunglasses for a fantastic summer?

The Dolce&Gabbana Empty Cut, you will adore them and they help see all in colour.




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This year you prove who you really are: a solid, intelligent and steady person. 

A perfect example of self-awareness! Good news: finally you will take the plunge! In August you will settle down on the love front or you will get important achievements for your career. Reload now your energies to be at the top on the right moment, but rest your sight. These new vibrant and contemporary Ray-Ban will be the ideal sunglasses.  



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This summer will be full of an ups and downs, it will start in a positive way but you have to be forward-looking and adopt some strategies to overcome the unexpected events of the next months in the best possible way. Enjoy the lonely moments as they won’t be many and, in particular, surround yourself with good and lively people. Your best glasses? The Dita Showgoer!





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This summer will be troubled, more downs than ups. Especially in June, Venus is not propitious and we suggest to keep away from strong feelings. Even in July astral projections aren’t in favour, dear Scorpio. Unfortunately, difficult moments will have the upper hand, so you will struggle to chase happiness. Despite this, stay cool: these Prada will surely make you feel more confident in yourself. 


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Finally this summer you will be kissed by the fortune that you’ve been missing for some time, as far as health and career are concerned. Thanks to your efforts, your dedication and your devotion you have been able to build quite a nest egg so you can satisfy some of your wishes. 

You could even give yourself a treat, something glam and innovative like these unique Dior Kaleidiorscopic. 


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These summer months will find you a little subdued as you will have to face some problems, not serious but certainly annoying. Despite this, you will have the chance to make interesting encounters that will make you spend passionate and sleepless nights.

Your head will be certainly spinning after all these unexpected events, but thanks to these fabulous Saint Laurent Jerry you will find the right path again.




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You’re the king and queen of summer, dear Aquarius. Feeling good and full of adrenaline, with your self-confidence raising as the desire to show yourself. Pay attention, though, and don’t exaggerate with the excesses because you could result a little too self-centred and this is certainly not an aspect of your personality. Therefore, in order not to overdo, we suggest you these Givenchy, exuberant in the colour but always in line with your composure. 



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No clouds on the horizon during this summer. You will be sensual, romantic and ready to open your heart and your mind, but please listen to this warning. Not all people are nice as you are, for this reason we advise you to learn to distinguish from who deserves your sincere love and who wants to trick you.
The Versace The Clans will make you see all with more clarity, they will be your sixth sense and your best friend. 


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Now that you have clear ideas for your summer, you just have to live it to the fullest!

If the sunglasses recommended aren’t enough, we remind you to visit Otticanet where you will find the best eyewear of the season! 


Have a fabulous summer! 


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