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10 food that are good for your eyes and….10 cool sunglasses to protect them!

10 food that are good for your eyes and….10 cool sunglasses to protect them!

All say eyes are the mirror of the soul but the can tell a lot about our health too. For this reason we have to protect them as much as we can. Buying a good pair of sunglasses is certainly a big advantage but through little ordinary precautions, we can help our eyes to be healthy. 

Starting with our diet is possible to improve the health of our look, of our body and…..of our style! And what about style? In this post we match to each food a pair of sunglasses! 

Ready to discover what will be the favorite food for your eyes? 



1. Melon




This summer fruit is full of carotenoids, the pigments responsible for its beautiful orange colour and for the wellness of our eyes: a huge teams of molecules (we had seen approximately 600 differents shapes) and some of them are changed in vitamin A in our body.

If you love this fruit you will surely enjoy these colorful Ray-Bans perfect for the new season.


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2. Apricots




Apart from the melon, a second source plenty of carotenoids are the apricots. Not only carotenoids, apricots contain mineral salts too that are a revitalizing cure-all in case of tiredness and fatigue. To recover from a sleepless night, three apricots match with this Fendi could give to your eyes gloss.  


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3. Blueberries




They are full of anthocyanosides, precious antioxidant that protect the delicate capillaries of the retina, reinforcing and improving its elasticity. Besides, thanks to their properties, blueberries help the eyes adapt faster to light changes, like this Marc Jacobs with blue lenses.



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4. Red Peppers




It’s preferable to eat them raw as they are an excellent source of vitamin C: the queen of vitamins! In fact, it’s the vitamin C that helps activate the vitamin E which functions as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the eyes and the skin from the damage of ultraviolet rays.

In this case what are the perfect sunglasses? Versace The Clans 4362 of course!

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5. Tomatoes



Tomatoes are the protagonists of summer! Also, we can’t do without them because they are an essential source of lycopenes, powerful antioxidants that belong to the carotenoids family. This molecule act as  “sunscreen”, protecting from ultraviolet rays all the ocular tissues and especially the retina. To be absorbed and spread out faster in our body, the lycopene have to be cooked. The classics tomatoes sauce is the ideal way to eat them!

If we talk about red, the choice goes straight to the inventor of the most popular red in fashion, here the Valentino 4046.


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6. Salad




The retina is a vascularized structure. Thanks to this dense network of capillaries, it receives the necessary food so that cells could do their functions properly. A bowl of salad, full of folic acid, ensures the correct production of red blood cells thus providing good oxygenation to the cells. If we talk about green, we have to suggest the Oakley Frogskins



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7. Citrus Fruits 



Grapefruits, lemons and oranges are full of vitamin C and for this reason they help to fight free radicals and to repair the damage they cause. In addition, this vitamin contributes to maintain in function the optic nerve cells. Citrus fruits contain a lot of water and differents organic acids, such as citric acid and many minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin PP (or niacin), vitamin A and different vitamins of group B too. They are definitely plenty of proprieties, like this Gucci that are filled with personality and colour. 



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8. Dark Chocolate



From today you can indulge with more chocolate! It is good for your sight, but it has to be dark. Chocolate and cocoa are plenty of beneficial substances like flavonoids that protect the cornea and the crystalline, ensuring a protective function against the cataract allowing to graduate colours. To protect the eyes even more, we recommend you these Burberry, you will want to wear them as you want to eat chocolate. 




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9. Almonds



They are good source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that defend cellular membranes (the wraps of the cells) and in particular of the phospholipids (one of the principal components) preventing the oxidation from the free radicals, molecules highly unstable, whose concentration increase during sun exposure. The best choice for this summer is eating almonds under the sun wearing these Fendi




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10. Avocado



The avocado is one of the favorite food during summer, because it doesn’t make you gain weight and it has good nutritional properties.

It is very good for the sight too, due to the Vitamin E and the carotenoids that maintain the eyes young and strong. Lately, the avocado is gaining popularity through Instagram stories, almost like this Givenchy, the trend of the moment.




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After you reading all our suggestions, just relax on the couch and choose the sunglasses that you like the most!

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