Spring Sunglasses: 8 90's trends that will detonate your Instagram

Spring Sunglasses: 8 90's trends that will detonate your Instagram

Small and round like those of Rachel, classics such as those that Dylan has made immortal but also those with oversized shapes loved by Claudia and Naomi… In short, this article is about all the coolest sunglasses of the 90s and the novelties inspired to the decade that is driving the world crazy with nostalgia!


The 90's are back! They are now everywhere: in movies, in music videos, in Netflix series, in social media and especially in fashion. Streetwear has now become a style of its own, and although it remains influenced by new urban cultures, it draws a lot from the decade that consecrated it. Just think that Off White, an American streetwear brand, is the number one among the most desired brands in the world, before Gucci and Balenciaga. High-waisted jeans, white sneakers, leather jackets, grunge shirts, bomber jackets, fantasy prints, tight tops, velvet trousers... These are just some of the trends that magazines and Instagram are full of.

Gwen Stefani’s rolled hair and hair clips seem to have become the must of the season too. So, if you really want to be fashionable and blow your Instagram profile up, you need some advice. Here you will find the main brands that have illuminated the golden decade of high fashion with their most iconic styles and their trends in the new collections.


  1. Oversize 

It was the moment when the big diva glasses started to become popular. Remember the trend of those wraparound and opaque glasses, that made your face look like a fly? The typical oversized glasses of the 70s have been redesigned by the stylists of the 90s to make them more contemporary to that period. It was in the 90s that the oversize designs of D&G, Prada and Gucci first appeared. Here three versions of the collections available on Otticanet:





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  1. Versace & Valentino 

The 90s were the decade in which the most beautiful and sought after models on the planet took the name of Top Models. Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen, Carla Bruni are some of the tops who have made the history of the fashion world. Together with these muses, high fashion brands have reached very high peaks. And it is precisely in those years that such iconic eyewear styles were born and even today they are re-proposed by fashion designers, with some modern adaptations. 


Shop now Versace The Clans VE 4361



 Shop now Valentino V LOGO VA 4065


  1. The new classics  

One of the first things that comes to mind when talking about the 90's is Beverly Hills. Many of the glasses worn in this show are now real classics. Brought to fame by Dylan, Brandon and their friends, they were launched and then later re-proposed by Ray-Ban. Do you recognize them?


Shop now Original Wayfarer RB 2140 


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  1. Wraparound

We mentioned it before, wraparound glasses are back! Do you remember the famous glasses worn by Neo and Trinity in Matrix? Today they are back in two versions: the more “clubbing” version but also the sporty one. Here are some updated examples:





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Shop now Silhouette TMA Must 8713


Shop now Arnette La Pistola AN 4179



  1. Masks

They have made a comeback in 2019 and they will be trending this year too.

Each brand offers at least one mask within its releases.





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Shop now Fendi Roma Amor FF 0377/S





Shop now Stella McCartney SC0236S




  1. Micro sunglasses 

The tiny shapes worn by Kate Moss, or by Will Smith in the Prince of Bel Air tv series and in many other films of that period are back. Low and elongated frames, both with fine and bolder temples. Here are some examples:

Shop now Alain Mikli Edwidge 0A05039 X Alexandre Vauthier




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  1. Round and small ovals 

One of the most famous photos of the 90s, which contains all the trends of that period in one shot, is the one depicting the beautiful Jennifer Aniston with two braids and a rolled up hat. A look recently replicated by Selena Gomez. Not just Jennifer, many others have followed the trend of the mini round as well. Here are three versions immediately available on Otticanet: 



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Shop now Balenciaga BB0055S



  1. LogoMania 

Among all the trends, the maxi logo is always the most popular one. On the frontal part, on the temples, extended or iconic, the logo becomes the absolute protagonist of the glasses. Here they are:



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Now you are ready for your shooting! And if our advice was not enough, here you will find all the styles available on our website in the special selection dedicated to the 90s.

See you next time!

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