Summer Horoscope 2020

Summer Horoscope 2020

Summer has just begun and like every year the most awaited moment arrives... Otticanet's summer horoscope! Three months of sunny days, relaxation, loves. Find out what the stars have in store for you but, above all, what is the perfect eyewear for your zodiac sign!




You are experiencing a phase of tension that started more or less at the beginning of the year and which will continue until August. Maybe it's due to legal or bureaucratic issues. Our advice is to avoid showing yourself in your total sincerity, which is usually one of your best qualities, but at this moment you will not have to reveal your weaknesses to your enemies. Hold on in July, August will solve everything. The good news is that love will make you happy! For you a pair of glasses to find self-confidence and charm!


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You rely on difficulties, in hard times you are able to emerge more than when things around you are quiet. Even in these difficult months you’ve got the turbo but, alas, Saturn has come to disturb you and slow you down. Not to hinder you, but to make you reflect on the small details of your character. If you learn how to smooth a few edges, you will shine again more than ever before!

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You don't know why, but the arrival of the weekend often causes you some problems. Perhaps the tension of the week builds up and it becomes difficult then to get rid of it. No fear, the turning point is not far away. July requires an important effort to face great choices, but in doing it,  you will be fascinating and communicative and from August the energy comes back! Here is a perfect pair of glasses!



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You are the sign that has the favour of the stars at the moment and in July you will find those solutions that seemed so distant a few months ago. Love is strong and allows you to plan the future with your partner. The end of July and the month of August bring new awareness and some news. So, the latest Dior style is the right match!



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There is something wrong. In the last few months you have stepped aside, you are no longer happy with a situation you are living. Saturn brings you stress, and even if you work hard on love and on relationships right now, loneliness is better for you. So dear Leo, know that you don't have to prove anything to anyone and everyone already knows your worth. July will be a preparatory month for the August sky in which you will make real fireworks! Come back to get noticed with this Gucci!




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You are on the rise, it’s a really good time for you. You feel the good influence of Jupiter and, in fact, you are in good physical condition, you are charming, but you still carry a little tension behind you.

You never took a break, even in these difficult months, and now you can show everyone your value and you will succeed! Shorten the distances in love and relationships because all these things to do make you a bit far away. Relax with a hint of blue that calms the view!


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The emotions for you are not lacking in part because in this moment you are more sensitive than usual and in part because love is booming! There will be no great news or happy confirmations from work, July will be a heavy month because your head is already feeling on vacation. Concentrate more and wait for September, in the meantime enjoy your love.

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During this year many things will change for you, work, family, and love-wise.

You are one of the signs that has been most affected by this pandemic, you will perhaps have to change your path or change your references. But if you think you are going down this rough road, stay calm Scorpio, you will fall on your feet. These are months of strength and vigor, of change but will help you rediscover of yourself too.

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You are always willing, optimistic and determined but let's face it, lately everything has gone wrong! There are answers that don't come, tensions in love, relationships that seem increasingly difficult to manage. And in some moments you face everything at your best, in other moments you are really too impetuous. Let off steam with a jog, chase the darkness away from your days and bring some sun back into your life!

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The strongest of you Capricorns, who has a more leading soul is experiencing a phase of rebirth. The others, on the other hand, are experiencing confusion in June, as it will be in July. There are slowdowns, you have to get back into the game and this really costs you a lot of effort, but comfort yourself with your love that gives you months of serenity. A novelty will come to bring you fresh air, like the new color of Oliver Peoples' Cary Grant!



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Now you feel free more than ever, dear Aquarius. The lockdown has had more effect on you than on other signs and now you really appreciate the meaning of this word. You know that life is only one and you are ready to get involved to fully enjoy this new awareness. Maybe the price for your happiness is a sacrifice of stable situations, in love and work.

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July and August are months full of uncertainty. Not as much in the business or economic sphere as in your private life. Smile, however, because they will be two fundamental months for your growth: you will rediscover the reflection, the pleasure of talking to yourself and you will regain your soul. The only warning: remember that distances are shortened by talking and dialogue, serenity in love will be slowed down, but it will finally arrive towards the end of summer.

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Even for summer 2020, we are done with the forecasts! We wish you to pass it to the best and above all in safety!

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