Greta Ferro for Jimmy Choo

Greta Ferro for Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is back with a new collection, and a new face: Greta Ferro.

Greta is an actress and a model, a rising star beloved by Giorgio Armani among others. She has recently appeared on television as the protagonist of the series “Made in Italy”, a tribute to the greatest Italian fashion houses. This is why no other face could have better represented the three top styles of the new Jimmy Choo collection.


Milan is the backdrop for a series of outstanding pictures, which reflect all the energy and the elegance of the new sunglasses. It is a veritable ode to Spring, to the vibrant spirit of a city that, now more than ever, is the epitome of a long-awaited rebirth. 



But now, let’s focus on the new styles: the ALEXIS sunglasses are made of a wide metal body, enhanced by an elegant side decoration on the lenses. A glitter texture is manually applied strengthening the bold oversized steel square shape. 


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The color palette is extremely sumptuous: copper gold with golden multilayer lenses and a nude pale pink insert; rose gold with mirrored golden lenses and pale gold insert, platinum with grey and blue-green with a pale pink insert, copper gold with brown shaded lenses, and a pale pink insert.

These delicate shades are picture perfect. They seamlessly highlight all the looks you can show off during this time of the year.



On the other hand, for those who are searching for a more classic style, we definitely recommend the squared style NOEMI and the butterfly style SHAY. Both are made of acetate with the iconic JC logo, which becomes a shiny jewel made of metal and Swarovski crystals. 


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NOEMI shines in many color shades: black glitter with dark-grey lenses, nude glitter with brown-shaded lenses, havana with brown-shaded lenses, black-ivory with grey lenses. 



SHAY counts on the stylish black glitter with dark grey lenses, yellow havana with dark-brown shades lenses, nude glitter with brown-shaded lenses, and havana with brown-shaded lenses.


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All the same, Jimmy Choo has so much more in store! We definitely suggest you visit our dedicated page, in order to uncover all the styles of this shiny new sunglasses collection!

We bet that you will find the one which fits you best!