Get in shape for the new season

Get in shape for the new season

Today it’s all about shape! The new season is upon us and it’s time to think about it. The first walks in the open air, the lighter outfits, the first sunny days on the beach ... Wait a minute, we are not talking about that kind of shape!

The shape we're going to tell you about has nothing to do with prohibitive diets and sizes to win back! Each and everyone of us is unique, we hope that we can all feel comfortable in our own skin and with what we carry in our hearts.

The shapes that we will be exploring today are those of the accessories we love the most: sunglasses! Pilot, Pantos, Cat eye glasses, along with many other styles, will inspire you and make you discover something new about the world of sunglasses and eyeglasses.


Pilot - Aviator

Let's start with an evergreen, whose style was glorified by the famous film Top Gun: the Pilot or Aviator. These sunglasses were created in 1937 for the American Air Force pilots, and designed to be able to efficiently protect their eyes’ profile during flights. Their practicality was so appreciated by pilots that the Aviator finally took over the land of stars: Hollywood! That’s how the “teardrop” glasses became well known to the actors who made them even more popular. So popular that they are still a must-have today! 


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One of the easiest shapes to wear, suitable to all kinds of faces, the Pantos or round glasses had their peak of success in the 80's, thanks to stars like Johnny Depp and Woody Allen. Usually made of acetate with a lockable bridge, they are a symbol that has long been associated with the classic image of the gentleman. The evolution of design has nonetheless made them a totally genderless style, equivalent to a clean design that lives through the passing of time unscathed.

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Browline - Clubmaster

Let’s take a look at the model made famous by the actors of the 1950s, the Browline glasses, often called by the name of the iconic Ray-Ban style: the Clubmaster. Their main feature is that they mirror the way the eyebrows outline the face. Usually these glasses have an acetate top and a metal bottom. Even today they are a symbol of timeless elegance!

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Mask - Shield

Let’s now dive into the 80's, the decade that revolutionized the world. The absolute protagonists are the wraparound and oversized glasses made famous by a particular character… the one and only Michael Jackson! Their eccentricity left its mark in subsequent periods as well, the 1990s and early 2000s. They came back onto the scene thanks to Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyoncé and all the contributions from the trap / rap world. Perfect for those who love to draw attention!

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Semi-Rimless - Nylor

Semi-Rimless or Nylor glasses have lenses wedged in one part of the frame only, which does not completely surround them. The design leaves room for the unexpected and the particular. They are comfortable and light models, suitable for sophisticated and sober styles. 

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Rimless - Glasant

Also known for the brand that made them iconic, the Silhouette, the glasses without profile around the lenses are known for their lightness, and they allow a greater visual field. The absence of the frame facilitates viewing. Functionality prevails over style and this is why they are still very popular.


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Geek - Rounds

The Geek are glasses that add character to anyone and can transform you into an intellectual dreamer just by wearing them. The round models have dominated the scenes for the past five years. In the past they were considered “antiques”, but then made a comeback  thanks to NBA stars such as Lebron James, Kevan Durant, Dwyane Wade and the new trend of sapiosexuals. Rest assured: on Otticanet there’s something to suit everybody’s fancy!

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The rectangular shape has been the passepartout style for several years, especially popular within the optical frames. Capable of suiting all kinds of faces, especially the round ones, they are perfect to lengthen the features as well. This year this shape is back in the sun version. We can find it in the collections of numerous brands, and in many cases they were inspired by the 90's, the most fruitful period for rectangular glasses. 


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The square models are out-and-out cults. Their shape allows the design to play around with lines and angles. Famous for being able to emphasize oval faces, their shape efficiently helps define the angles of the eyebrows and the profile of the chin, thus harmonizing the face’s ensemble. 

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Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce you to the most feminine model in the history of eyewear: the famous Cat Eye! Cat eye glasses have managed to consecrate eyewear as a fashion accessory and not just as a functional object. These styles emphasize the sinuosity of the shapes, the size of the lenses and the angle of the curve which, depending on its audacity, can always achieve the desired result. 

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You’re not a real diva if you don’t wear the Butterfly sunglasses, brought to fame by Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe. Glasses with a feminine cut, often oversized, they frame the face and hide most of the imperfections, giving an aura of refinement and mystery to any look. 

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More than a model, the oversized glasses are an attitude, defined by their eye-catching and prominent dimensions. In recent years, wide glasses have become a guaranteed accessory on the Fashion Weeks’ catwalks. Here we have collected the most famous ones.  

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That's all for today, see you next time!