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Summer Horoscope

Summer Horoscope


Otticanet’s horoscope is finally back! Check out our suggestions to make every zodiac sign unique and inimitable, with personality-related and desires-based sunglasses. 


Aries This Summer will mark the rebirth of the first zodiac sign. You will live amazing adventures and love could be around the corner! You will be successful at work and you will find your confidence back, along with courage and high self-esteem, which will definitely come in handy with romantic conquests.

Your lucky month will be August: with Jupiter on your side you will make your intentions and your projects for the fall season clear to everybody, and when Autumn comes you will make the huge step you’ve always dreamed of. For you, a provocative pair of sunglasses, perfect for those who are going through a phase of rebirth! 



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Taurus Balance will be the key to your success! At work, take action as soon as you have the chance to, but when it comes to love, give yourself time. If the last months have been mind-blowing for you, let Summer be a time of peace and self-care to find your way back.

Uranus’ presence suggests it is time to be careful: don’t let yourself be influenced by your usual mid-season’s revolutionary desires. We chose a great classic for you, a symbol of confidence that won’t shake your looks up!

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Gemini This year, Summer is all in your hands: you will be the one who sets out the rules, whether you want it or not! Your friends will rely on you to make important decisions, and this responsibility will require you to relax and take time for yourself, away from all the stress.

At the same time, your hyperactivity will make it impossible for you to shut off your brain completely, so you will wish for Autumn’s comeback! That’s why we have chosen Saint Laurent: their shades symbolize this fall season’s nostalgia.



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Compared to the past summers, this one will definitely be more satisfying! You will be filled with a great drive and confidence, which is why your desire to carry out your dreams will grow stronger and stronger! You will feel confident enough to show your feelings with friends and loved ones, but be careful: don’t lose your mind.

Your Summer will be especially beautiful, and so August, under the influence of Mercury will flood your best memories with light, so that you will be able to share all the intriguing meetings and the unforgettable adventures you’ve experienced. For this kind of Summer you need a roaring pair of sunglasses! So here they are!



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Leo Summer is definitely your season. Partying is your thing, especially on your birthday. You don’t like to go unnoticed, so everyone will be able to see your happiness and positive energy! But you will need strength.

Venus will show you how to keep up with all the ideas and projects that you strongly believe in. Therefore, resolution is the key, so the color for you is a strong, stubborn red!



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Virgo This is a very promising period for you! You should stop listening to people who are at fault and therefore lose precious time.

Focus on your ambitions. Jupiter will bring you unexpected luck, and passion will light up again too, making you dream of new horizons that you can explore with your partner. A carefree August will lead you to a carefree attitude that your wisdom wouldn’t normally allow you to have. And for an extra dose of courage, we recommend sunglasses that will add a touch of charm.



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Libra This year the dream of being in harmony with yourself and with others will come true! You will focus on some business you had left behind, and you will successfully face some difficult times.

Venus and Mercury’s presence will be crucial: you will feel dynamic and ready to travel. Be careful, though, do not let fear slow you down. Make your decisions without pondering on them too much, otherwise you will lose all the opportunities. Libra, seize the day with this model!


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Scorpio June and July will be quite rough. Hold on, though, as August will herald peace and calm. The first two months of Summer will be a rollercoaster, but don’t be afraid: your sign is faithful and determined at heart. Rely on music and books for an extra dose of relaxation. Travel is also a good way to channel all your energy, we suggest by motorcycle. By the end of the Summer, you will find your balance back.

For you, we chose a pair of sunglasses as gritty as your personality!


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Sagittarius Let your heart be your guide and follow your instinct, both in love and in your every-day life. This Summer, your desire to travel will be even stronger than the fear of emptying your bank account. All you need is to experience an unforgettable adventure. Freedom, which has always been a distinguishing feature of yours, will keep on being vital! Push back all the important life-related decisions until the end of Summer, and focus on yourself: remember that sincerity is always the best choice! Cheerfulness will be your loyal companion and so will be this model!  


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Capricorn This is the right time to achieve your goals. You will also learn to be a passionate and intriguing partner.

While keeping your tenacious trait, you will also allow passion and fun to be part of this Summer.

You are a selfless person at heart, but by the end of August everyone will be aware of your own persona. Here is a pair of sunglasses made just for you!

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Aquarius This is your Summer, so live it to the fullest! Be careful at work, do not be impulsive, or you will risk getting in trouble. Moreover, you will feel the need to escape from your usual routine, to look for a carefree relationship.

Watch out though: do not let July grind you down! The perfect model for your Summer is the Marc 488/S! 



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Pisces This is the season for happiness, the right time to make your own fantasies come true!

Mercury will guide you through some tough decisions. June is for romance, July is for time off, while in August you might need to fight a wave of bad mood.

Don’t let it grind you down! A bit of romanticism and a touch of color are the ingredients for your model’s recipe.




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We wish you a carefree summer, and don’t forget to protect your eyes with the right pair of sunglasses.