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Prescription sunglasses are offered with lenses presenting the same lens coloration as the regular sunglasses style. This way you can have your sunglasses with your sight correction. Our lenses are CZV by Carl Zeiss Vision, and are created and assembled directly in their laboratory.


The Céline 2014 collection is represented by two words: continuity and consistency. The brand’s main character and style are always there. Elegance, minimalism with a twist, modernity. But the new collection is mainly inspired by the graffitis and street art in Paris, underlined by nuances that dominated the 80’s. For 2014 Céline also introduces its brand new THIN FAMILY. Models that have been a great success and are now presented in a very light and comfortable fit.


For 2014 Gucci presents the new eyewear collection dedicated to the seductive and unequivocally feminine woman. The collection showcases glasses with large butterfly silhouettes, embellished with pastel nuances and fine elegant details which highlight the eyes of every woman. The collection for men features a classic flair, revisited with contemporary touches: the new optical frames are an inspired combination of metropolitan spirit and elegant classic flair.


The Spring/Summer 2014 Tom Ford Eyewear Collection presents a combination of aggressive stylings alongside a range of refined, “classic” looks. New colors have been introduced, including newly developed acetates for women: cat-eyed, oversized and 50s-inspired frames, round styles and geometric shapes. As for the men’s sunglasses, the collection proposes pilot-shaped and vintage, retro-inspired frames.


If you understand the efforts and sacrifice of the best athletes on earth you understand that defiance is part of their lifeblood. They refuse to obey limits, even the limits of possibility. Somewhere between obsession and rebellion, that same fire drives Oakley to create solutions for those who cannot compromise on performance. Authenticity is earned and Oakely has spent more than 3 decades fusing innovation, performance and style.


Light, feminine, elegant and vintage reminding; the newest Chloé collection is all aboout class and elegance. Chic and sophisticated models, inspired by the celebrities of the past, squared and oversizes frames, available in a lot of refined colours, like powder, white and peach. Small details in golden metal or white cristals decorate the sunglasses of the brand Chloé. But the one and only protagosnist has a name: CARLINA, with its extra-large metallic frame and two circular outlines. They are a hymn to vintage and to the hippy style .


In 1960, Persol colors were inspired by rocks, crystals and minerals and named after these elements rather than coded. This collection adopts the same approach. The blue of Cobalt, the green of Obsidian, the red of Garnet and the dense orange of Amber are the new stars of the Persol Vintage Collection. These are richly magnetic, opaque or transparent rather than flat colors, inspired by crystals (cobalt), mineral rocks (garnet), lava glass (the green obsidian that is widely found in the island of Pantelleria, south of Sicily) and fossilised resin (amber).

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Porsche Design Eyewear: Passion, Performance, Purity, Precision.

Porsche Design eyewear is truly unique. Fundamental, not decorative. Engineered, not just perfectly designed. Luxury as a result of sheer purity.Each object is reduced to its essential function. From ...

Céline Shadow sunglasses: the most wanted is now in stock!

The Céline Shadow CL 41026/S is absolutely the best seller of this season and we are crazy about it. The shape is peculiar: flat top bridge with round lenses and thick acetate frame. It comes i ...


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