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Prescription sunglasses are offered with lenses presenting the same lens coloration as the regular sunglasses style. This way you can have your sunglasses with your sight correction. Our lenses are CZV by Carl Zeiss Vision, and are created and assembled directly in their laboratory.


Abstract, modern and geometric. A game of proportions, shapes and volumes: this is what Fendi's Paradeyes collection is about. Architecture! A complicated pairing of geometric shapes, two different fames one inside the other for a double glamorous look highlighted by an intense contrast of materials, colours and designs. Transparent nuances are the secret ingredient, and for the full-coloured versions here comes glitter to add spell, or contrasts between polished and matte metal. Well Karl Lagerfeld, master in fashion, knows his job! For a glamourous, elegant and refined contradiction!

In a perfect match between past inspirations and futuristic suggestions, the new Dior Sunglasses ally sophisticated architectural lines with a fashion flair. Directly from the catwalk, these exclusive sunglasses reflect the skyline thanks to the unexpected linear mirrored lenses, for an essential yet feminine aesthetic. High quality manufacturing techniques combine with Dior creative spirit to celebrate the maison’s elegance and savoir-faire, for a modern stylistic statement.

Lens hues of black and grey go incognito with the icy coll attitude of Matte Black Frames of the Oakley Covert Collection. The frames let sculpture do the talking while for the most adventurous, they will help you slip under the radar! BORN OF OBSESSION! #liveyours

For the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 season the Tom Ford eyewear collection depicts a fiercely strong and independent woman, the type of woman that Ford has always admired! While the Tom Ford man this time is one that wants to hide away from undesired glimpses, one who wants to protect his emotions under a veil of mystery and appear - when he wants to - modern and elegant. The new collection stands between tradition and modernity, between elegance and a more lifestyle, everyday mood: double-faced styles and images that will warm up the upcoming cold season!

Carrera opens up every single door, it goes beyond borders towards the unknown. We are stuck in normality and to our ideas but it is now time to try and dare, leave space for the unknown! Out there is where the unknown is. Feed your fantasy and keep on being thirsty of discovering what runs away from your normal, everyday path! This is what the new Carrerare adventure is about. It has gone beyond its borders and style of the past proposing new everyday, lifestyle frames perfect on any occasion, with a new original design that goes Out There!

The 2015 Maui Jim collection will take you directly to Hawaii. The frames have all been created for the most demanding surfers but they are for everyone. The latest collection is made of ultra modern lifestyle shapes all recalling the Hawaiian spirit and those incredible places. The PolarizedPlus2 lenses will guarantee a perfectly clear vision of the world. ALOHA!

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