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How to choose the best glasses for your face shape? Here is the definitive guide!

How to choose the best glasses for your face shape? Here is the definitive guide!

Choosing the perfect glasses is not easy at all. Every face is unique and understanding which shapes suit us best becomes an almost impossible task. So first, here is a brief guide to find an answer to the fateful question: what shape is my face?

Further down we also talk about glasses, don't worry!


Round face


If you have a round shape face, the length and width of the face are almost equal. You have no corners to the jaw, that is rounded as well. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face.


Oval face


Oval shape faces are slightly longer than they are wide, similar to the shape of an egg, the cheekbones represent the widest part of the face. The jaw and the forehead are rounded and the sides of the face are slightly curved, there are no sharp corners.

Square Face


If you have a square face shape, you have a square jaw and minimal curves on your face. The forehead, the cheekbones and the jaw are about equal in width. Some squared faces may be as long as they are wide, while others may be longer and more rectangular.

Face to Heart


If you have a heart-shaped face, you have a slightly pointed chin. The forehead or the cheekbones are the widest part of the face, becoming thinner towards a narrower jaw.

Well, now that we have defined what shape your face is, we can move on to the funniest part: which glasses should you choose?


Round Face Glasses


Round faces have a youthful and graceful appearance! To obtain a slightly more elongated effect, create volume upwards. This is why geometric glasses are recommended, they will add the missing corners to your facial structure. Oversize styles are also good but remember to choose sharp lines. Dark colors and bold frames are recommended too, in order to create a sharper effect. Any examples?

Oval Face Glasses


The oval face is like a white canvas on which you can play around with different shapes and colors, the only advice is to avoid oversize frames that often contrast with the line of your face. Size aside, you have the chance to choose any frame. So try to combine it with the rest of your facial features: a bold frame if you have thin lines, bright glasses if you have a dull complexion.


Square Face Glasses


They could almost call you the universal. Many celebrities are chosen precisely for this feature, which is particularly useful on the big screen. Congratulations, you have won the award for having the perfect face for every shape of glasses. If your face is square, choose shapes with curves that will soften it: round, oval, cat eye and butterfly glasses for women, semi-rimless to accentuate the eyes and give harmony to the face. However, the secret is to opt for shapes that contrast your facial features.

Heart Face Glasses


Yours is the graceful face par-excellence. The perfect eyewear for your face has a shape that tends to be low, a classic pilot for example, with soft lines that contrast with the angular chin. For women we recommend floral or spotted patterns that look away from the lower part of the face. In addition, a cat-eye shape will make the forehead appear slimmer and smaller.

Now that you have all the information you need to be able to choose the perfect glasses, all you have to do is click here and lose yourself among all the frames of our catalogue!


See you next time!