The TOP sunglasses and eyeglasses for 2014

The TOP sunglasses and eyeglasses for 2014

2014 is coming to its end and we want to unveil its true ambassadors fashion-wise… those sunglasses and eyeglasses that you cannot do without. The ones that have actually set the basis for last year's fashion trends that will still influence and be protagonists of the catwalks and not only…

The popular Christian Dior So Real model grabs fifth place on the Otticanet charts.
In a perfect blend of futuristic and retro-inspired accents, Dior eyewear impresses with sophisticated architectural lines and a glamorous appeal. The key word is freedom, as a celebration of contemporary design and feminine spirit.
The frame is very light, made in acetate with metal components, which create a strong but harmonious visual contrast.
The most fashionable celebrities have not hesitated to wear this classic and chic accessory, available in black, havana and silver mirror. They are suitable for any type of occasion, for both casual and sophisticated outfits.




Sunglasses Chloé Carlina CE 114s dives into fourth place.
This model recalls the maxi shades worn by great Hollywood divas of the past. That vintage charm is combined with a contemporary appeal.
The oversized lenses are in fact emphasized by concentric metal round frames, The Carlina sunglasses are available in 5 nuances.



Oakley Holbrook OO 9102 is on third step of the podium.
For over 40 years, Oakley has been testing new technologies on its glasses, combining science and art. Oakley has obtained more than 600 patents worldwide and today it is synonymous with excellence for those who face life with no compromises. For this reason it is the favourite brand among athletes.
Oakley was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge.



The silver medal has been won by model Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025.
Aviators became a need when pilots started flying higher and higher, having to face with exposure to bright light.
The Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB 3025 is an evergreen model, but it has been proposed in a fantastic new colour palette. The frames are bronze while the lenses range from purple to intense blue and all with mirror treatments.



And the winner is… Céline CL 41026/s Shadow!
This is absolutely the best seller of this season and we are crazy about it.
The shape is peculiar: flat top bridge with round lenses and thick acetate frame.
It comes in three gorgeous two-coloured shades. Black and  tortoise with brown shaded lenses, havana and blue with grey dark blue shaded lenses and blue and burgundy with dark blue shaded lenses.



For the lovers of eyeglasses, here you are the two best seller of 2014.

Oliver Peoples Riley-R OV 5004 has been an instant success.
Hollywood and the Californian lifestyle have continued to be source of inspiration for Oliver Peoples designs and remain a core part of the brand’s identity.
This season Oliver Peoples glasses look to California’s thriving, creative history of art and entertainment. The new collection designs are the result of envisioning the eyewear that classic californian icons, such as actors, musicians, writers and film directors would wear in the present day.
A reinterpretation of classic styling to create modern, refined and elegant looks.



Another top model is Persol PO 3007/v.
During its centenary history a great number of models created by Persol have become fashion statements due to their unique design. Persol now rediscovers the origins of these models and revisits them, with their unmistakable forms and an extraordinary combination of materials.


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