Environmental labeling of packaging

Otticanet, in compliance with the legislation, gives to its Customers all the necessary and useful information to correctly identify and dispose of the packaging provided with its items.
By scanning a dynamic Q-Code printed on the packaging of our products (invoice/commercial invoice) you will be redirected to this page where you will be able to categorize easily and rapidly the components which need to be disposed of; we recommend to always check your city’s rules and regulations to be sure that the material can be disposed of as indicated in the chart as a general rule.

Type of
Identification of
Category of
Guideline of
Shrink film Low-density polyethylene Plastic
Box Corrugated cardboard Paper
Gaffer tape Paper adhesive tapes Paper
Seal Paper adhesive tapes Paper
Styrofoam peanuts Polystyrene or Styrofoam Plastic
Bubble wrap Low-density polyethylene Plastic
Invoice Paper Paper
*Check the provisions of your municipality. Empty the packaging and reduce the volume before collecting it
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