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Prescription sunglasses are offered with lenses presenting the same lens coloration as the regular sunglasses style. This way you can have your sunglasses with your sight correction. Our lenses are Synchrony by Carl Zeiss Vision, and are created and assembled directly in their laboratory.


Sunglasses with flash lenses



		Sunglasses with flash lenses

Picture by @veryblonde

If you want to look cool don’t forget the most important accessory that will keep you company during the year: your beloved sunglasses! And since you ought to protect your eyes from uv rays, why don’t do so while looking good with one of the season's must-haves: the flash lens.






So what’s the difference between a mirrored and a flash lens?

The mirroring is highly reflective and reduces significantly the amount of light that reaches your eyes. It’s usually applied to dark tinted lenses but can be added to any colored base. Mirrored lenses absorb 10-60% more light than regular lenses and are therefore ideal for high altitudes, on the beach, snow or at sea. They also reduce glare and offers visual comfort besides keeping your eyes hidden for a mysterious look.







Flash lenses has got a lighter mirror treatment, sometimes it doesn’t cover the eyes completely but attenuates them. The flash lens limits glare and makes your style unique, flash lenses are the latest colorful arrival in the mirror lens family!




MARC 119/S



Among the many styles, there are flash lenses in various shades of pink, purple, red, light and dark blue, green, orange, red, gold, silver and bronze and there are even multi colored versions. You’ll find both women, men and unisex models. The silhouettes are very different from each other, round, square, oversized, cat-eye sunglasses, iconic models such as aviators and many more, flash lenses fit any style and frame adding a gla touch to your look. And for those who are not satisfied but on the contrary, are always looking for something more, we suggest the innovative gradient flash lenses that express great guts and determination.

DIOR AL 13.5



The gradient lenses follow the latest trends in color shades and are available in a wide range of colors to create unique and exciting looks, if we add flash mirroring the result can only be mind-blowing!


You can then say goodbye to the half-measures for this season and renew your look with flash sunglasses available on Otticanet!

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