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Prescription sunglasses are offered with lenses presenting the same lens coloration as the regular sunglasses style. This way you can have your sunglasses with your sight correction. Our lenses are Synchrony by Carl Zeiss Vision, and are created and assembled directly in their laboratory.


We are young. We are…sunglasses lovers


We are young. We are…sunglasses lovers

What we are. What we should be.
What we look like. What we should look like.
We are told we should have a mind of our own but going our own way can be harder than it seems. There’s just a thin line between being inspired and being inspiring. I won’t ask what your side is as I would – again – fall into that stereotyped “you should” mindset.
Feeling free to express yourself just as you are is the only way.

Thoughtfully silent, almost geometrical but still vivid and strong: even the simplest soul cannot go without a touch of colour.

 Etnia Barcelona Miramar


You look around you and sometimes feel it’s all going too opaque. Don’t mirror, be a mirror instead. A shiny brush stroke in the greyness.

Illesteva Leonard II Mask


Like a fish out of water in an ocean of opportunity. Take your time to breath and allow yourself to choose spontaneously. The most popular path might not take you where you want.

 Garrett Leight Milwood Dark Tortoise


Time to leave. Let the heavy anchors behind you. What has been has been, make the best out of it.

 Oliver Peoples BOARD MEETING 2 1230ST


Full steam ahead into the New Year!

Always be yourself on Otticanet.

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