Hottest Celeb sunnies at Coachella

Hottest Celeb sunnies at Coachella

Time for festivals guys! For the last 19 years, it has been THE stage to the world's most celebrated musicians, but also to summer fashion trends.The king, as always, is Coachella!

And the theme is one: wear whatever you feel like wearing as long as you do it with style!

This is what fashion is about right now anyway. Everything is permitted and everything will look good on you as long as you carry it with the correct attitude.

It is what They teach us: and with they we are talking about the representatives of style who show up with their bags and backpacks full of the craziest accessories ever seen. And the craziest aspect is that they will become the most fashionable trends, already overnight! Vintage goes with hi-tech, bohemian with oriental ornaments, the Nineties are back but revisited with futuristic twists, the country style goes perfect with lace…

Let’s be inspired by them… Let the celeb-spotting do the talking:

Snoop Dogg showed up in great company. Here spotted with Bella Hadid, he is very sporty in his Cleveland basketball shirt in contrast with his THE VERSACE MANIFESTO VE 2184 sunglasses!

Pixie Lott showed up half cowgir, half Amazon warrior and she picked black. The sunglasses follow her favourite colour but they are embellished with tiny studs: cat-eye minimal Moschino MOS006/S.

Did someone mention vintage? Beauty-queen Hailey Baldwin went for a denim look featuring a lace, transparent white top, oversized pearl earrings and Sixties-style sunglasses: Saint Laurent GRACE SL 215.

Romee Strijd was spotted in a beautiful revisited hippy outfit. For all free spirits out there, what best than combine this style to the new Carrera CA AMERICANA sunnies?

One of this season’s favourites could not but be chosen by trendsetter Alessandra Ambrosio. The daisy-shaped Chloé ROSIE CE142S is so romantic and Alessandra beautifully combined it to her total denim look!

Flashes went mad for Paris Hilton. She will not do without her Guccis so here, enjoy her in Gucci GG0116S, oversize, glittery and sparkling frames!

Amber Rose’s hi-tech outfit was perfect with her futuristic Moschino MOS004/S.

Well, Coachella festival may be a bit far away, at least for most of us, but you know what? It is a dream come true on Otticanet.

You will find all celeb-favourite sunnies here!

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