Royal Sunglasses

Royal Sunglasses

What will Meghan and Harry do now? What about Kate and William? What do they really think about it? And the Queen?

According to the official statements it seems that everything has worked out well for the Dukes of Sussex. They will no longer be able to use their royal titles, will no longer count on the crown funds and will have to return the money used to refurbish their residence in England. But, above all, they will be free.

Harry has already returned to his new family in Canada and Meghan seems to have been contacted by Disney just a few days ago.

What is certain is that without the royal constraints Meghan will be able to start wearing what she wants again. As a fashion icon as she is, we can't wait to admire her in her new and, almost certainly more casual, outfits.

Prince William said he was sorry for their decision, but Kate? What does she think?

There is a lot of news that bounce from one newspaper to another these days but for us the real question is only one: is the style battle between Kate and Meghan really over?

We hope this is not the case and for this we will give you a roundup of outfits and suggestions so you can decide who will win in terms of... sunglasses, of course!



All members of the British crown inevitably like Ray-Ban. From Prince William to Prince Charles, from Prince Harry to little George. Everyone wears this brand on official occasions.

And Kate is no exception. Here she is with a classic wayfarer, one of the most popular styles.




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And yet another style with a rounded shape and a more feminine attitude, spotted at the Wimbledon Championships.


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And here is Meghan who, as already demonstrated on several occasions, has chosen to distance herself from the royal family also in terms of fashion. Here she wears a beautiful pair of Tom Ford Emma.





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But Meghan won us over when in an outing with little Archie decided to wear these male-cut Stella McCartney with double bridge, which recall a more squared aviator style. Wonderful!







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Which of the two do you prefer? Who convinced you the most? Take part in the survey on our social networks!


See you next time!

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